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  1. TURBONETICS t3/t4e compressor map

    Forced Induction
    im looking for a compressor map for the TURBONETICS t3/t4e so i know what to expect out of it but i am not having luck with any of the turbonetics hybrid turbos. Does anyone know where to find one or do i need to contact turbonectics directly? Compressor housing- a/r .60, 3"inlet, 2"outlet...
  2. GodSpeed Turbos with Turbonetics Parts???

    Forced Induction
    so I stumbled upon this listing while looking for a cheap turbo... Godspeed T3T4 T4E Turbo Charger 50 Compressor 48 Trim T3 4 Bolt Exhaust | eBay the exhaust housing looks like it has what appears to be a Turbonetics logo.. I heard in the past that Godspeed turbos used some Turbonetics parts...
  3. Turbonetics T3/T4 50 trim turbo and NEW manifold - CHEAP!

    For Sale
    Turbonetics T3/T4 50 trim turbo and NEW manifold - SOLD! I am selling a Turbonetics 50 trim turbo that I originally purchased used for $350 for use with my built D16Z6 engine. I have decided to go another route and as such, all of the parts (including the engine) are for sale. This turbo came...
  4. Turbonetics t3 to4e 50trim 63ar journal bearing turbo?

    New Member Introductions
    Has anyone run this turbo before? Or does it have good reputation compare to precison and Garrett's? I got it from my brother and has minimal to none shaft play i was just curious if anyone have used this before i'd like to hear about how this turbo is like. Boost treshold, peak boost is it...
  5. Bisimoto's Turbo build: Quest for 700whp D16Z WagoVan

    For years, I have focused on naturally aspirated performance. I loved, and still do love, the challenge of sailing in uncharted waters, and extracting what was seen as impossible power. Last year, Bisimoto Engineering participated in a high profile engine challenge/shootout, to determine which...
  6. D15b7 200whp build questions

    Forced Induction
    D15b7 FINAL decision 250-300 whp build; anything needed for the crank?? Hi Guys, Firstly my names is James, and I am I'm a noob to the d series world. I have a 94 civic 4dr auto lx with 74k original miles, which has now become my project car. I just joined also and have a...