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  1. Engine Building
    Hi All! Ever since I saw this vid last year YouTube - ‪Honda CRX Del Sol turbo vs Lamborghini‬‏ I've been wanting to do a rebuilt Del Sol. Plus adding in several other reasons (looking at the sheer enjoyment from those guys/ladies who built their ride). Researching and learning what for from...
  2. Engine Building
    WHP goal is 250-270. So, here's the build. D16y8 block (have) YCP Vitara Pistons (need) Stock B18a1 rods (have) ACL bearings (need) 550cc RC injectors (need) 255Lph Fuel Pump (need) Stock sleeves (yep) Stock Head (have) Tuning by me using Chrome (yep) XTD stage 4 clutch (have) Okay, now time...
1-2 of 2 Results