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  1. BoostedNW SST Chip adapter + 2Timer ON SALE NOW Thru end of Oct.

    For Sale
    The old-style SST chips are no longer made, resulting in a lot of Chinese knock offs that don't work, or are only writable once. These new chips are a different format that we had to adapt to the board that lets it plug in the normal socket, in addition, we decided to make it a 2-timer as well...
  2. D16Y7 turbo ignition timing

    Engine Management
    So this is my setup: D16Y7 stock block turbo with all the supporting mods (injectors, etc...) ~10 psi p28 93 octane My current ignition map that im messing with: Does anyone have any pointers? it seems to be running and driving fine. Is it too much timing? I was trying to make the turbo...
  3. D15Y8 mini me tuning

    New Member Introductions
    hi all, new to the org, wish i knew about things like this back in the times... lol i picked up an eg hatch (ik the nostalgia!) for a decent price, mini me engine. i've built and worked on these before as a kid, thats not the real issue. tuning, things have changed in over a decade or so ago...
  4. Timing and fuel increment suggestions?

    New Member Introductions
    I'm running 11:1 compression y8 mini me with pm6 pistons, the head has been shaved a bit. Well... I know that it is not running as good as it should due to stock y8 ecu, to keep it from killing its self i put a spark plug non-fouler on the upstream o2 sensor and it helped considerably. I am...
  5. What's with the 3 pieces wheels?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Ok, here in Japan, at least in my experience, nobody really cares whether a wheel is 1, 2 or 3 pieced. But people in the US seemed to be all for the 3 pieced wheels? Can somebody explain it to me? I am missing out any American top secret?
  6. D16Y5 questions. I will not give up.

    Engine Management
    Hello I have done a ton of research but not enough to really answer one burning question of mine. I hope I get my answer but maybe this will just be one more thread about "swap out the y5 for a y8" etc. I am very familiar with VTEC-E, lean-burn, etc. I m hoping people of great...
  7. D16y8 turbo Breaking up above 4k

    Forced Induction
    Hello i have a 96 ek coupe with a d16y8 turbo, running 8psi... Problem just recently started.. First it was my plugs were wore out causing the gap to be too large(or so I thought). Replaced the plugs and properly gapped and it seemed fine for a while. Week or so later it started doing it...
  8. how do you tune and turbo a D16 motor

    New Member Introductions
    I want to turbocharger my Honda d16y8 motor for street use to give 160hp - 200hp with lower rpm power simply to make it more fun to drive. after so research I'm looking at a t25 turbo for a fast spoil and a manually controlled electronic boost control system to set between 2-8psi depending on...
  9. East Tennessee Auto Shops

    General Tech
    Trying to gather a list of shops in my area and your opinion on them. Posting should include shop name, contact number, your exp. with them and specialty. Such as performance, paint, tire, or tuning. I am looking more directly for Knoxville, TN shops. KNOXVILLE, TN...
  10. D15z7 Turbo tuning help 3stage

    Engine Management
    Hey guys I'm am currently trying to tune my D15z7 on boost peak boost is about 9-10psi when it gets there. Maps really rich up top rite now so she stumbles to make full potential. My issue is light load stumble and break when barely on the TPS 5% or under, curious if i can rid this with the fuel...
  11. Car Tuning Books/DVDs?

    Engine Building
    What are your guys's opinions on good sources for tuning knowledge. Books and/or DVD's? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. For sale: Hondata S300 in P28 ecu

    For Sale
    Hondata s300 - cheap! I have a P28 ecu that has hondata S300 installed. SOLD! Thanks for your interest!
  13. Chipping and tuning your own ecu! lots of photo's and info!

    DIY Forum
    This is mainly a compilation of others info all joined into one to make it easy to find and as a complete walk through All props to the people who actually figured this out. Look at bottom to see all the reference pages and learn more about it. Chipping obd1 info First thing is the basics of...
  14. Vtec Solenoid cutting off and on while tuning

    Engine Management
    I am tuning my civic (turbo y8 ) with the AEM EMS Series 2. The problem I am having is that the vtec solenoid seems to be cutting out randomly during the driving process. The oil is topped off and my oil pressure gauge running off the 'sandwich plate' has not given me any issues yet. I...
  15. obd2 tuning while keeping emissions

    Engine Management
    So I'd hate to beat a dead horse, but i couldn't find any solid information on tuning an obd2 ecu. My current project is and stroked y8 and I'm going to want to tune the vehicle to get all my FT-LBS in check. I want to keep it obd2 for emissions purposes. Any help would be appreciated! Please...
  16. Tweaking for more hp?

    New Member Introductions
    ok i heard? if you advance the timing you can gain a little hp is that true? im new to honda i know a little but not thats much so please help and when they say advance the timeing they mean turn a distributer some degrees right?
  17. Dyno and tuning inland empire area???

    Engine Management
    A buddy of mine is thinking about buying a civic that is fully built but not put together lol anyways to make a long story short im looking for a dyno and tuning shop near rancho cucamonga. I went to team cnc motorsports and they said they only do street tuning and referred me to bubba at do it...
  18. Need help with my D16Y8 Ecu tune

    Engine Management
    im pretty new to this ecu tuning stuff so bare with me. i have a '99 civic ex with a D16Y8, stickshift. it has CAI, Header, and Exhaust. i have a P06 converted into a P28. i have made this tune but im not sure if it will damage my engine in anyway. i need you tuners advise on my tune. i have a...
  19. WTB obd0 to obd1 conversion harness

    Want to Buy
    Hello all, I'm in need of an obd0 to obd1 conversion harness for my Wagovan so I can get tuning this sucker. Thanks!
  20. Show me the ropes in tuning PLEASE!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I will go ahead and appologize ahead of time for being a dumb noob. Alright now that I've got that out of the way I've got some question. I've got a 97 civic ex with the d16y8 I'm hoping to have it turbod before fall I know about all the mechanical parts, I've been talking with go autoworks...