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  1. General Tech
    So we know moates stopped production of the ostrich 2.0, what is the next thing how do i tune my car with crome? I’ve been doing some research and I’ve had no luck. Any help is appreciated cause I wanna tune the car!🤣
  2. Forced Induction
    Hello from Australia! My D16Y4 build is coming up on completion and booked in for a tune end of this month. I’m just wanting to know what power figures others think it will achieve? the build list below is one I created for the tuner, that’s why it lists some odds and ends… Will be flex fuel...
  3. Engine Management
    I have a D16y8 (d16y6 because its in new Zealand) motor which I believe has an obd2 ecu. I've been told so far that I have to get a obd1 ecu and harness and mess around with that and disable a few things and get a tune if I turbocharge the engine. now beer with me here, If I leave the engine...
  4. Engine Management
    Hello i have a d15b1 block with d16 vtec headswap. Arp block studs. Header 4-2-1 dc sport. Gas regulator,adjustable sproker. I have p72 chipped with chrome Right now i have at 32-34 lbs of gas and my sproker like the fabric but my ignition timing its a little set back. I need to tune that...
  5. Product Reviews
    Good Day all, I recently bought an EG8 with a d15b 3 stage vtec engine and 5fwd manual transmission. My question is what can i do to tune/upgrade the ECU to get some more performance out of the motor?
  6. Naturally Aspirated
    What's up everyone I'm new to here I have a 00'Ek hatch with D16Y7 have stock headers and magnaflow cat and from there 2.5 piping and tip no muffler. I also have a cai and I just picked up skunk 2 intake manifold. I daily it and am going to boost soon when time is right. I have got head...
  7. Engine Management
    Hello I drive a 95 civic ex with a stock d16y8 engine and the p28 ecu is chipped. My engine cuts in and out if i press the gas pedal to the floor when I'm at 4500 rpm. I'm not sure if this is a fuel or tuning issue. Only mods the car has is a 3 inch exhaust from the header back, aftermarket...
  8. Naturally Aspirated
    Hey I have a D16Y8 with a K&N cold air intake, Megan headers, Skunk2 catback, and a Bisimoto stage 2 cam. I just bought a 70mm skunk2 alpha Throttle body, and a skunk2 pro series intake manifold. My question now is do i have to get it tuned? Bigger Injectors? Will it be ok with the stock...
  9. General Tech
    so i have a d15 1995 eg 4door... car ran but i decided to do a tune up.. so i replaced my spark plugs spark wires and dizz capp.. now when i finished putting everything on the car started and ran really smooth..i tried to start it a week later now it doesnt start?? any idea?
  10. Engine Management
    In desperate need of a tune for my 96 civicany help would be appreciated
  11. Engine Management
    Heres my setup: d16z6 vitara/ eagle build d15 head vtec bisimoto 2.4 turbo cam greddy 15g w/ 2.5in back Neptune rtp huckstorf 690cc injectors blox IM Here are snapshot of right before Vtec engages (4800rpm) And right after vtec engages (5000rpm) It seems like my low cam ignition map is way off...
  12. Engine Management
    Hey, I'm looking to find someone who can make or has a custom chip for: D16y7/z6 p28 socketed Crower cam stage 2 2.5" Exhaust Intake Stock injectors The rest is pretty much stock... Thanx ..
  13. Engine Management
    Hey all, i just bought a 93 hatch with a d15b7 this is what i got Specs: D15b7 p29 high compression pistons shaved/ hot tanked rebuilt head new seals/gaskets new head gasket the guy was going all motor high comp, and he said it needs a fine tune, but it runs really good. i was wondering if i...
  14. Engine Management
    Ok so heres my set up 76mm bore weisco pistons 8.5:1 eagle rods all arp hardware cometic head gasket bullseye s256 spec self ported polished head ported/polished and i/m(very mild) 68mm t/b 3-angle valve job Hondata S300 aem ugeo aem fuel rail aem fpr russel-6 fuel...
  15. Naturally Aspirated
    I didnt know where to put this...... So I put it here. I thought my car is NA after all, so, why not... Now the back story (Please dont skip it as it has some good stuff and I spent forever typing it up.) So I bought a chip kit a while back which came with a custom EEPROM with a basemap from...
1-15 of 15 Results