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  1. Engine Management
    1. Big *********** Wire to Fuse Box 12V GreenPlug 2. Black and Yellow Ignition Wire 12V Function? 3. White and Blue Voltage Back Up VBU? 12V to ECU and Fusebox? Function? Needed? ECU D1 4. White/Red Alternator FR Charge Signal to D9 ECU 12V? Function? Needed? 5. White and Green ALTC or ALT...
  2. Engine Building
    Just ordered it and doing a full shave/tuck on my 90 crx si turbo. Just wondered if anyone else has used this. It was expensive but can't beat their quality
  3. Showcase
    This thread is dedicated to the cleanest / best looking engine bays. It will be dedicated simply for viewing pleasure. Don't comment on any of the posts and don't just post your engine bay (unless you feel it truely deserves to be on here). If you would like to post a picture of an engine bay...
1-3 of 3 Results