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  1. Torque to yield bolts for Transmission to Engine

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, i’m new to this forum. I have a 94 Civic EX and i’m pulling the tranny off to replace it (bad synchros and input shaft bearing) with a rebuilt synchrotech tranny with carbon synchros. I was talking to my cousin who is a honda tech at a dealership and he said that the transmission to...
  2. S20 JDM Gear ratio's

    Transmission alley
    Hello people, Recently i did some research on what type of transmission i have. Since i bought the JDM D15B vtec with tranmission. On the tranmission housing says its a P20 B000. So thats correct if i check al the information on the internet. I am wel aware that is the big bearing version. It...
  3. Transmission goes?

    Transmission alley
    Disregard the title please:) I have a problem with my family's civic. D16Z6, the car is all stock. It turns on and goes in gear but when we give it gas to start moving it, it doesn't move. The forks in the transmission work and the master clutch slave cylinder engages. Also a manual car is not...
  4. S-20 Making Some unusual noise - Video Attached

    Transmission alley Hey Guys- I may be in the market for a new transmission after hearing these sounds come from my engine bay. Perhaps a power plant as well judging by all the valve noise in the video - Sounds like a sewing machine. Where should I be looking? First inside my...
  5. d16z6 transmission oil

    Transmission alley
    I think I goofed pretty bad. I have never worked with honda engines before, and the previous engine in my 74 mini cooper used engine oil to oil the transmission. When I put the d16z6 in the mini, i simply put the half shafts in and filled the car with oil and let 'er rip. Ive only put about 60...
  6. D15b7 Transmission swap?

    Transmission alley
    Sup everyone? So, a buddy of mine is GIVING me for FREE a y8 transmission off his 00 d16y8and I have a 93 Civic LX with a D15b7. I wanted to know if swapping the transmission would give me any gains worth doing this swap? Will it mount right up? I plan on replacing the clutch and flywheel...
  7. Rebuilt tranny, stuff loose inside?

    Transmission alley
    Hey guys. Just got done rebuilding the tranny for my 87 CRX Si (GW2 trans) and put the thing together. In the process of moving it off the bench I noticed that there's a little noise coming from inside, kinda like some shaft is loose and slopping back and forth just a tiny bit. I don't know if...
  8. D15B2 Engine/Transmission Mounts

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! I own a 1988 Honda Civic DX and I am about to replace all engine mounts and transmission mounts. Can anyone send me a link that will show me how to do this? Thanks!
  9. Auto to Manual ej1 tranny help

    New Member Introductions
    okay so right now i have a 94 ej1 that im in the process of converting to manual ive already done the pedals and clutch master cylnder and my next step tis to complete the conversion with droping the tranny and do wiring etc. my problem is the transmission is out of my 93 ej1 that i had recked...
  10. D15Z4 Transmission questions

    General Tech
    Hey, this summer I'm going to be either rebuilding or replacing the transmission in my '96 Honda Civic. I'm pretty sure the motor is a D15Z4 because it says 1.5L on it and the D15Z4 is the only 1.5L motor in a 6th gen. Does anyone know what transmission would fit this motor?
  11. winding noise from transmission

    Transmission alley
    Hey guys, so I just put in an xtd stage 3 clutch kit including the flywheel, and I'm hearing this winding noise when my car is in neutral, and from 1st thru 3rd. I know it's a hit or miss with eBay parts, but I just want to be sure that it's not something else also. I have a new pilot bearing...
  12. Best Transmission for Gas Mileage?

    Transmission alley
    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say I appreciate any help you all can provide! I currently own a 2000 Civic EX 5-speed and I'm wanting to get better fuel mileage out of it. I drive 90% highway and get about 31-34mpg now but my real goal is to consistently get 37-40mpg...
  13. Hard shifting!

    Transmission alley
    Hi guys, new member here. I have a 1996 honda civic dx with the stock d16y7 in it. I recently replaced the clutch, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, and slave cylinder after my pedal lost pressure and would not shift into gear. I have a problem shifting after about a half hour of driving. Also...
  14. Visual Wiring Guide for EG Auto to Manual Swap

    DIY Forum
    Just finished my own swap and found very few highly detailed guides on the wiring needed to bring a conversion close to stock. That being said, I went through the factory diagrams and whipped this baby up after doing it on my own car. Works great. Hope this helps some folks out there.( if...
  15. shifter wont go left or right

    Transmission alley
    so i did a auto to manny swap so i get everything put to gather with a known good tranny get it put in the car but now its in 3rd and 4th but i can get the shifter to move to 1st or 2nd or 5th and reverse could it be something i did wrong with the install of the shift linkage or something cause...
  16. Repair shop estimate for tranny flush and output shaft seal replacement

    Transmission alley
    2005 Accord LX V6 A/T 100K+ miles The repair shop just gave me an estimate as follows. Before I get another estimate I wanted to understand what the shop is talking about. Replace output shaft seal = labor $237 + parts $10 (A/T Trans Seal, Front) Transmission fluid flush = labor $80 + parts...
  17. VSS and broken fill plug

    Transmission alley
    long story short is the transmission fill plug is rounded off and not even the "easy out" for messed up bolt head will do the trick. someone suggested i just remove the VSS and fill the transmission though the VSS hole. from diagrams it looks like i wont be able to remove the VSS from the...
  18. sl3 or l3?

    Transmission alley
    In my car I have a d16y7 with an sl3 tranny. I was told it was from a 91 si which is what my car is. I was also given an l3 transmission. Im not sure of what l3 it is, all I know about it is that it has the pin in the final drive making it open dif (at least thats what I was told). The throw out...
  19. 92-95 EX/SI Trans or 96-01 EX trans

    Transmission alley
    I wanted to ask some opinions on which trans I should get and use. I currently am running d16z6 with a cx tranny holy long gears batman! I do want the car for weekend strip use but it will also be driven on the interstate alot and that got me thinking which trans would be best? The z6 si...
  20. D16y5 need tranny

    Transmission alley
    I am switching from a 4 speed to a 5 speed transmission and need to know a couple things about them. Will my old axles fit this new transmission and if I have to get different axles will they fit my hub for the wheels? (dseries to d series) can I use the same ecu since I will be changing from...