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  1. New Member Introductions
    okay so right now i have a 94 ej1 that im in the process of converting to manual ive already done the pedals and clutch master cylnder and my next step tis to complete the conversion with droping the tranny and do wiring etc. my problem is the transmission is out of my 93 ej1 that i had recked...
  2. General Tech
    Last friday i sent myt 94 civic dx in to get the oil pan and gasket replaced because it was missing some bolts and was leaking bad. i got it back the same day, drove to work saturday and was driving after work on the highway goin somewhere a hr and a half away.. it was pretty damn windy and i...
  3. General Tech
    i know most everyone is going to say the clutch is bad but im new to honda so here goes if i have been driving for over maby 10 sec in any gear but mostly 3rd and up its fine but if i use the clutch at all just push it in and let out for about 10 sec if i put it to the floor it slips but if i...
1-3 of 3 Results