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  1. New Member Introductions
    Do any members of d-series drive their d-powered cars on race courses? Not necessarily 1/4mile or 1/8 mile drag strip, but a figure 8 or closed course tracks? I'd like to hear about some member's days at the track running their D-series: I've never tried it, I am considering it. I'd have to...
  2. Suspension Corner
    I have a 97 civic coupe and Im trying to finish setting it up for time attack/road course. I already have Tein lowering springs and it seems to handle pretty good. But what would be some other mods I could do to really make it handle like a champ? Thanks
  3. Races/Shows/Events 2010 $140 prepay $160 pay at track 9am-5pm Long Track May24 Victoria Day July1 CANADA DAY: Thursday July 1st Aug2 Civic Holiday Sept6 Labour Day contact Samson Fong Phone: (416) 420-3220 Email: samsonfong at
1-3 of 3 Results