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  1. Transmission alley
    Hi guys, I'm currently tearing apart my Del Sol to upgrade the engine and I can't really decide for a clutch kit for my d16. I'll be running the following mods: P29 pistons Ferrera High comp Valves Supertech vale springs, retainers and valve guides Comp cams stage 2 cam Aem tru time cam gear...
  2. Engine Building
    what up honda rats, im running a built d16a6 y8 before I slam her together i need to figure out a way to lock My vtec so when i clay my motor, my valves will be open For they're longest duration if there was any interference Id see it there. Links to tutorials? Someone's gotta know My head was...
  3. DIY Forum
    I had my oil pump checked and ported by Dustin at Performance Porting and he did a phenomenal job. :TU: Well yesterday I got started building my DOHC ZC. The only thing I had to do to get my oil pump ready for my motor was install the screws on the to hold the pump cover on. I took some pictures...
  4. Engine Building
    So I was torquing down my held bolts, 2nd pass around @53 lbs. Around 50lbs I hear a snap, I thought I broke the bolt, I pulled the bolt out and it was still in one piece, I tried to tighten it, and it keep spinning. How do I fix this problem?? Z6 head Zc block.
1-4 of 4 Results