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  1. New rims and tire combo

    General Tech
    Hi hoping to find a set of wheels and tires to replace my ugly stock rims missing hub caps. 98 silver honda civic.... i dont know where to begin. Ordering something online and shipping to my door could be good or bad. any recomendations. Just a comuter car. completely repainted back to factory...
  2. First rims

    New Member Introductions
    Alright... I got my first car and i fell in love with the eg's. i got one and it originally had ls mesh rims and without thinking i bought str 512. they are 15x8 0 offset and 4" lip... They stick out a large amount. They're wrapped with 195/50... my friends said i can make them fit with 165 45...
  3. inside of tires eating alive

    Suspension Corner
    on my 93 civic when i back up i get a loud pop on the driver side, put new wheels on it yesterday and getting tons of road noise now. when i go over bumps i hear a loud metal.... like bending of flexing sound. any ideas. my car also eats the hell outta some tires even after ball joints the...
  4. finding 175/30-13 tires?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    trying to find some tires for my enkei 32's that dont look like monster truck tires, the only ones that i can find are 180 buck per tire or only rated up to 60 miles per hour lol any body have an answer to my problem?
  5. Bumpy road to my y8 tranny

    New Member Introductions
    Well i started gathering parts last week for my all motor build as some of u know. Atm i have a y8 intake manifold and b16 tb. Ive hit like 8 people up who were selling trannys and after days of waiting and delay i started my hour and a half venture to pick it up and kn the way i stopped and...
  6. Interco Trxus MT's 34x12.50x15 must see!

    For Sale
    350 takes them Hi for sale are my Trxus M/T's 34x12.5x15 made by Interco. (same as the super swampers), the 34's are more like 35's because they are 34.8" in diameter. some 35's are smaller... and my 15x10 crome rims... i recently bought 2 new like 8 months ago, since have only seen MAX 500...
  7. Rim size and lowering auto x questions.

    General Tech
    Hello i own a 98 ex civic and I am putting eibach springs with a 1.5 " drop. Now I have two questions. 1. What size tires do i need with 15" rims so that it doesnt rub. 2.What shocks can i use with these springs (that don't cost 400 damn dollars).
  8. Tire pressure

    Suspension Corner
    A short guide to tire pressure people have been spreading alot of misconceptions about tires and tire pressure lately and asking me is my why i pump my tires up well above manufacturers spec. there are lots of reasons. i change my tire pressure regularly depending on the situation or driving i'm...
  9. Questions unanswered by the search engine...

    Suspension Corner
    I’m trying to make a good suspension for the conditions here in Alabama that will also adapt to conditions in California, in terms of performance and reliability. That means money, yes, I know. I’m here to do it right the first time. I've done what I could for my braking system (phase one of my...
  10. 4x100 & 4x114.3 Wheels For Sale

    For Sale
    1. BMW BBS RZ (4x100, 14x6.5, 30mm offset, 2 tires are decent, 2 will need to be replaced, I suggest all tires be replaced, 1 wheel is missing a center cap. Make a REASONABLE OFFER These wheels go for $700+shipping, I'm not asking for that much but a reasonable offer will not be denied.) 2...