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  1. Mini me timing question

    Engine Building
    I have a p28 ecu,d15b7 block with a y8 head, y8 cams, y8 cam gear, and z6 timing belt. I am a little confused with what I’m supposed to do with the cam gear timing. Do I align the marks with the the arrow on the plastic cover behind the gear or do I align it with that arrow and go half a tooth...
  2. Timing

    New Member Introductions
    I have a turbo honda that I am currently working on, D16Z6. I recently put a 255 fuel pump. Loaded hondata with a basemap. The car was running well for a couple min, then I began revving it to see it was making any boost. Then it started exploding, no boost though. After a few revs, the car...
  3. D15B2 head gasket replacement issue

    New Member Introductions
    So, I recently bought my first Honda and it ran and drove but with a blown head gasket. The person i bought it from lived not to far from me so I did drive it to my house (I know thats bad but it was cheaper than towing it the 2 miles) I got it home, replaced the head gasket got the head...
  4. Ignition Dwell (Neptune RTP)

    Engine Building
    Hoping someone could share some insight on how to alter this region productively when using Neptune RTP. The Help file is severely lacking in my opinion, and raises many questions, including the attitude of the author. Anyway.. I've attached a JPG with the window in question. "Ignition...
  5. Engine Timing: How Close is too Far?

    Engine Management
    So I replaced the crank seal on my d16a6 and put a new timing cover on after replacing the timing belt and lining up the timing marks as best I could see. Now, the lower timing cover has a sort of timing "aimer" (one long plastic triangle that you line up between two smaller plastic triangles)...
  6. Having timing issues! 30 degrees too advanced.

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey everybody. I did a search and couldn't find anything that could really help. I've got a 91 hatch with a D15B7 running on dual point injection. Stock everything. I failed my smog (stupid strict california emissions) because the car's ignition timing is reading 30 degrees BTDC. I was like...
  7. d16a block with z6 head timing

    Engine Building
    Can I just slap a z6 head on a d16a block or do I need to align both to tdc? First motor swap need help
  8. Z6 Sedan won't start

    General Tech
    So I have a D16Z6 swapped 1991 EF Sedan LX. I just did a full rebuild on it including a new distributor, plugs, wires, gaskets, bearings, etc.. My problem is now that it wont start. The starter engages, cranks the engine, but its like there's no compression. It cranks and "poofs" like the sound...
  9. Lost on how to tighten timing belt

    General Tech
    Im starting to really hate timing. Been reading and searching threads and everything but i dont understand. Okay so the helms manual says set to tdc. So i line up the pointer to the TDC mark on the crank pulley. Then I set the cam pulley to tdc. I have a question about that first, should the cam...
  10. Mini me timing problems

    Engine Building
    Hello i got a d15b1 block with a d16z6 head. I dont have the head cover so i dont know how to timing that a have ajustable sproker and a original sprocker
  11. huh? d16y7 everything oem & untouched but timing belt off???

    General Tech
    So I've had this D16Y7 motor for like 3 years now and I got it from a bone stock 4-door civic lx that was in my local junkyard. It drives fine and never gives me problems but I pulled the motor recently and decided to service the water pump & timing belt while it was out. So I'm used to...
  12. Y8 head Z6 block Turbo

    Forced Induction
    Ok so I just bought a built Y8 head from a friend for a very good price I couldn't pass up. It has Ferrea 5000 flat face valves, Z6 Comp Zex 59300 cam, BC springs & retainers he also gave me ARP Head studs for the y8 head on z6 block. I have a Built z6 block 75.5mm vitara pistons, Eagle rods...
  13. Sputtering.

    General Tech
    I have a sputtering problem when accelerating and there's no power whatsoever. The car will drive fine when cold but as soon as there's some heat in the engine is when it acts up. I just replaced the timing belt tensioner, plugs are new, wires are new, ICM doesn't even have 1000 miles on it...
  14. D16A6/y8 mini me TIMING

    General Tech
    Grab a paper bag breath into it and calm your ass down, this has been discussed before I KNOW but were gonna discuss it again. So dont tell me to "read more" If i stare at this screen any longer looking for the RIGHT way to do it ill explode... all these idiots editing fuel ratios, running...
  15. extremely low compression after rebuild

    General Tech
    Ok guys im new here so bear with me please.. recently rebuilt my d16y7 in 99 civic after it spun bearings and now it wont start. chased ignition and timing issues to no avail until I had an OH DUH moment and ran a compression test....under 100psi across all 4 cylinders...crank was turned .030...
  16. Chain sounding noise at 2500rpm

    Engine Building
    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this. I had my mechanic change my timing belt + components, just because I know we have interference engines and didn't want to risk it since I'm not a good mechanic(yet). At 2400-2600 rpm and I put the gas pedal to the floor, I hear a loud chain...
  17. d1587 sohc v tec timing

    DIY Forum
    sorry if this has already been posted, I am new to this site and was wondering does anyone have any information on how to set the timing on a 1995 jdm d15b7 single cam that came with v tec? any help is much appreciated.
  18. JRSC and Ignition Timing? MAP sensor?

    Engine Management
    dont know too much about boosting my car. I am young and new to the honda scene. I have a d16y7 with a jrsc. Was wondering how I should time my car and my ignition. Spark Plug gaps? Do I need a new MAP sensor, ECU? My car is running like sh**. I just cant get it tuned right just yet. Keeps...
  19. confusion with block timing marks. please help me

    Naturally Aspirated
    okay so my setup is a d15b7 with a z6 head. on the crank pully there are 4 marks 3 close to eachother then one off to the right, when timing the engine haynes manual says to use the middle of the 3 marks (which is red) but that is not tdc, i have my head off now and when i put it to the middle...
  20. z6 timing issue

    Engine Building
    you guys are going to hate me. i have zc bottom with a z6 head. the swap came out of a running car. i want to make sure the timming is right. i have searched and can not find how to time my head. i DO NOT have the back timing cover that has the indicaters on it for my z6 head. so i do not know...