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timing belt

  1. swap out d16y7 for jdm d15b timing belt help!!!

    Engine Building
    I recently had a problem with my girlfriends car (which is a d16y7) low compression in two pistons i guess.Well what the mechanic told me so i ended up buying a low mileage jdm d15b non vtec engine from .the problem is can i use the y7 timing belt for the d15b?? also the intake...
  2. [D15B2] Belt Skipped a Tooth? (Pictures)

    Engine Building
    I've Gotten CEL8 and from research on the web i found out that its possible that 1 tooth has skipped / distributor is broken. So i opened the top and removed the upper timing belt cover, crank pulley @ tdc (picture 1) and watched the other ones (rest) and i cant find out if it has skipped a...
  3. New head gasket engine wont start

    General Tech
    I just replace the head gasket on my d16y8 and installed some new ARP studs. Got it all put back together and tried to start it. Engine turns over but wont start. Im guessing its the timing belt causing the problem because i was stupid enough to forget to set the cam and crack and tdc before...
  4. timing belt information/ mini me clarification

    General Tech
    Ok so this should remove some of the miss information about timing belts tensioners and water pumps. and the how too choose the right belt, tensioner, water pump, timing belt combo head heights b7/a6 95mm D14a2 95mm D16y3 95mm d16z6 93mm D16y7 93mm D16y8 93mm D16y5 93mm...
  5. timing d15

    Engine Building
    I took the timing belt off without setting it to TDC and i turned the camsaft. What will i have to do to fix the timing?
  6. timing belts

    General Tech
    im looking at a gates racing timing belt for my ef which has the stock d15b2 unfortunately and the question i am faced with is the belt is advertised for a d16a6 and the other is for a z6. i have heard from many people and places that all d series but i still have seen people have problems. any...
  7. D16 timing belt question

    Engine Building
    Hi I have a question. Just picked up a 93 del sol (d16) and took it too smog and didnt pass. After checking the basic tune up stuff etc... I'm sure the engine timing is off because we cant set the ignition timing right (distributor all the way towards the firewall says its at 16 dgrs.) and the...
  8. D16a6 timing

    Engine Management
    I have a d16a6 from a 88 civic si 1.6l and I have it in my 1995 civic dx :-D. So, I have just replaced my timing belt and water pump. For reasons too long to explain I dont have a timing belt cover for the lower half of the engine. I need help timing the engine and a place to find the lower...
  9. SPOONSOL'S for sale stuff

    For Sale
    just make an offer....this is all stuff id like to get rid of. just pm me with offers please UPDATE: Compression tester traded to PATA. JDM 1 wire o2 sensor reserved BRAND NEW IN BOX TIMING BELT AND TENSIONER ARE BACK UP FOR SALE...shoot me a pm for any details more pics and stuff further...
  10. HELP!!Timing is bad? or my valves is bent?

    General Tech
    hi, i do not know much about cars but ill try to describe my problem the best i can. okay, i just did a timing belt change, on the crank key when the key points up, it meant tdc, that is correct? well...i did it anyway. i put it in and everything was a snug fit. i also had to move the cam gear...
  11. Fried Head Gasket Help

    General Tech
    Head Gasket Help; Running Rough So I was recently talking with a few people over in the DIY thread, thought I would share some pics. The head gasket was clearly fried. I am about to check the head for any warping. I know there's not much to see in these pics but can anyone see any...