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  1. Need a little help!

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    Hey guys, first off, I'm sooo sorry if this is not the place to be posting this (my first day on this forum), secondly I have a few questions about a car that I will be buying. Alright here we go, I am no honda expert and have never even owned one (although i do love them and have been...
  2. TB rotor on AT car question

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    Hi all, hoping someone here might be able to help with this. Disclaimer: I know a manual is better, I wish I could have one, as I really miss my old one. Car is also used by a family member who is physically incapable of operating a manual, the whole reason I bought this auto in the first...
  3. d16y7 IM Y8 swap help with throttle body

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    Ok so I have this crazy delusion of trying to add a y8 intake manifold from an manual onto my 98 civic with a y7 I know the issue is the iacv. I could use my y7 throttle body but I'd rather swap one out with the iacv valve on the throttle body. I was leaving towards getting a b serries...
  4. d15b throttle body question

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    So i've been searching for answers and i keep coming up short. So the question is what throttle body/intake manifold do i have? And what will be a good replacement for both of them. The reason i am replacing btw is because my idle has been surging and this is my last hope thanks for the help...
  5. d15b issues i think

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    alright first some back ground before you'all tear into me.. This is the first honda ive ever had and also the first time i've used a forum so sorry if i seem like a noob. So anyways i bought a 1990 hb from craigslist and the guy i got it from said i have a d15 engine. i checked and it says d15b...
  6. Match Throttle body size to plenum or not?

    Forced Induction
    I had bought a custom intake manifold a few years back, and I was redoing my setup and finally got around checking the inside diameter of the plenum and my current throttle body, and that I have been running the wrong size throttle body. I measured the plenum to be a minimal of a 72 mm inside...
  7. d15b7 TB question

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    basically stock d15b7 and was wondering about tb size. If i am correct a stock TB on this engine is 56mm correct? I am looking at a 60mm TB and the guy claims that the best fit gasket was from an H22. What im wondering is if it will be direct bolt-on or need mods? Thanks. 92 civic dx.
  8. y8 intake manifold and tb

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    I have the intake manifold and throttle body off of a d16y8 engine. It was an automatic so the iacv is under the throttle body rather than the back of intake manifold. If you are not running an automatic, honda left spots on the back where you can just drill a couple holes to place a manual...
  9. Swapping d16z6 from a d15b7

    Engine Building
    ok... quick question... i'm swapping in a d16z6 into my brother's lx civic... stock motor is the d15b7... i've got a question regarding the vacuum on the intake/tb of the b7... in the picture, the hose that i'm holding has nowhere to connect to on the z6 intake/tb... the second picture is the...
  10. d16 swap question

    Engine Building
    Hello D-series, im a noob to this site and have a couple questions for you. Im currently rocking a 93 hatch dx and i recently came across a d16z6 that i plan to drop in it here in a couple weeks. First, the mortor is for some reason missing only one fuel injector and i wanted to know if the...
  11. Dual-point throttle body upgrade???

    Engine Building
    Would installing a larger throttle body on my dual point injection system give me more power? I've been looking at upgrading to Multi-point injection but it looks like a lot of work that I'm not sure I could do right, at least probably not the first time. I'm still wet behind the ears with...
  12. D16 throttle body matches

    Engine Building
    I am in the process of building a D16 from the ground up. This will be a turbo focused build in the hope of 300+ hp. One of the parts I am missing is a throttle body. Much to my surprise, D16 throttle body's are not easily found in my neck of the woods. Hence the question ... what...