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  1. General Tech
    Okay I know there are probably tons of threads about this but I'm new to the forum and dont want to search forever... So my problem is the Radiator Fan doesn't kick on once car is definitely at/above running temp. I just installed a new Fan Switch on the Thermostat Housing after taking a wire...
  2. Engine Management
    I noticed on my civic that I have the 3-wire IACV on the bottom of my throttle body, then I have an FITV in my thermostat running from the intake into where the fuel injectors are on the IM. A long time ago the nipples on the FITV broke off, and since then I have blocked where the FITV once was...
  3. General Tech
    Ok, I have a problem with my Y7 swapped CRX, the car heats up really fast to operating temp, and if I sit for longer than 5 minutes the car will start to overheat. while moving the temp will stay at the normal operating temperature. upper hose is hot. coolant is draining to overflow, it is clean...
  4. 7th Gen
    I have an 05 civic that had an overheating issue, but i blew that motor. Just dropped another d17a2 in it march 2013. It is still having overheating issues. If i drive then it runs fine. When i stop it overheats. Fans arent turning on. If i turn on the ac the fans both run. Replaced thermostat...
  5. General Tech
    hi, i have a 95 honda civic ex. i just got the car, and changed hoses, thermostat and stuff. The car has a aftermarket metal radiator. my temperature shows up only a quarter up. meaning its in the half between cold and the middle notch. is this normal?
  6. General Tech
    Hi, i´m new to this forum, great forum, lots of info! :) Anyway, my headgasket is probably blown, but i want some opinions and suggestions. ----These are the facts---- 1-My Civic Coupe 95 (D15b7) is running hot accordingly to the Temp gauge. 2*-When it got really hot, i stopped the engine...
1-6 of 6 Results