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  1. General Tech
    Ok so this should remove some of the miss information about timing belts tensioners and water pumps. and the how too choose the right belt, tensioner, water pump, timing belt combo head heights b7/a6 95mm D14a2 95mm D16y3 95mm d16z6 93mm D16y7 93mm D16y8 93mm D16y5 93mm...
  2. General Tech
    i was looking at the d15b VTEC FAQ here at DS.O and im having problems figuring out what timing belt tensioner to use. the person that did the wright up says that they hope the z6 tensioner will work.. but it as a larger Outside Diameter than the stock one. i would like to use the correct parts...
  3. For Sale
    just make an offer....this is all stuff id like to get rid of. just pm me with offers please UPDATE: Compression tester traded to PATA. JDM 1 wire o2 sensor reserved BRAND NEW IN BOX TIMING BELT AND TENSIONER ARE BACK UP FOR SALE...shoot me a pm for any details more pics and stuff further...
1-3 of 3 Results