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  1. General Tech
    Hello people! My name is Jack and I am new on the forum because I bought a Honda del sol! :) I bought this honda with the temprature gauge defect atleast that appeared during the first ride, the seller sayed that he does it occasionally (of course: lol:) The temp gauge rises when the engine...
  2. General Tech
    this is a d15 vtec Z6, CRX that seems to run way under temp now that its 50 degrees F outside but was fine in the summer months. could the fact that i don't have a skid plate be the problem? it heats up fine at idle not moving. but when i start driving it drops to allmost nothing. anyone know...
  3. Engine Management
    okay this has been an ongoing problem for a while now. ive checked everything. (literally) replaced the temp sensor, the coolant temp sensor, the fan switch, the thermostat, flushed the radiatior, and everything runs well. however, my temp gauge on my dash tells a different story, at idle it...
  4. General Tech
    hi, i have a 95 honda civic ex. i just got the car, and changed hoses, thermostat and stuff. The car has a aftermarket metal radiator. my temperature shows up only a quarter up. meaning its in the half between cold and the middle notch. is this normal?
1-4 of 4 Results