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  1. Switching Front and Rear Springs

    Suspension Corner
    Hey guys I was wondering if you answer a quick question for me....I have a eg hatch and I purchased some tein s tech springs with the rates 210 in the front and 140 in the rear. I was wondering if their would be any bad effects from switching the rear springs to the front and vice versa ....any...
  2. Tein S. Tech's On Gas Struts(92-95 Civic & 94-01 Teggy)

    For Sale
    Authentic Tein S. Tech Lowering Springs FOR SALE $160 SHIPPED!! Very Smooth Ride! Feels like stock, but you are lowered. 3 struts are good, while the front right is blown. These came off of my 95 civic. I had the springs on for about 3000 miles and decided to go back to stiffer springs for...