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  1. TDC sensor code 8 D16z6

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm from Canada I have recently bought a 93 AGP eg si, the problem is it had a seized motor and i also had a running MR 92 eg si which i was scraping because of a rotted body so i did the logical thing and swapped the motor. Now the problem is i have TDC code 8 i have also read other threads...
  2. Error code 8 went away after fixing code 7 but came back

    Engine Management
    Hey guys, Since I can't work on my car at the moment, I'm pondering for a while now. A few days ago, I calibrated my TPS (error code 7) on D16Z5. This made the car run normally and not hesitate to near-stall when flooring it. Also, right on the first start, error code 8, which is for the Top...
  3. confusion with block timing marks. please help me

    Naturally Aspirated
    okay so my setup is a d15b7 with a z6 head. on the crank pully there are 4 marks 3 close to eachother then one off to the right, when timing the engine haynes manual says to use the middle of the 3 marks (which is red) but that is not tdc, i have my head off now and when i put it to the middle...
  4. timing d15

    Engine Building
    I took the timing belt off without setting it to TDC and i turned the camsaft. What will i have to do to fix the timing?