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  1. Looking to D16Y8 swap my 99 ek1 civic

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I’m new to owning a Honda and all the bits and pieces that come with it. I am running a stock D16Y4 and while it’s good fun I want something a little more powerful but I want to keep the D-Series motor I’ve had 10+ people telling me “just b-series swap it” but I like the d-series (hence...
  2. 93 Concerto Swap help

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    93 concerto for sale in my area and i really want it. D16A8 engine that sits in it has snapped timing belt looking for swaps that need minimal altering of loom or mounts/axles. an suggestions?
  3. New Member from Australia

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. Just bought a 93 EG hatch for the grand sum of $500 off a mate at work. Cars tidy and is basically gonna be a work hack that I am gonna build into a budget track car for some classes of racing that I can do locally, basically a sub...
  4. D16Y7 to D16Y8 Help!

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    N00b here. I have a 1998 Civic dx hatchback and the D16Y7 in it crapped out. I picked up a D16Y8 out of a 2000 Civic si (ex) with the matching harness and ecu and am looking to swap that in. My problem is I bought the engine without knowing what obd2a and obd2b were. My question now is what do I...
  5. Help

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    street racing is frowned upon here. when all of the sudden my engine blew up. I have a 99 Lx d16y7 all stock. I'm in school and money is kind of tight right now. The cheapest route is to put a new y7 engine in it myself I suppose. Although I am no savant, I know a bit about HOW engines work. I...
  6. 2015 Honda Civic Type R FK2 K20C1 Swap into a 90's EG?

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    *not able to post pics or links, but the above is a pic of a k20c1 eg* edited* I'm curious if anyone out of all the places this engine has been released and all the places they have wrecked the 2015 Honda Civic Type R FK2. When do you think it will be swapped and how hard will it be? I know...
  7. D16z6 swap into 1999 ej9 d14z2

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    Hi I have a 1999 ej9 with a d14z2 and I'm buying a d16z6, comes with everything for swap engine, gearbox, ancillaries, driveshafts, even wiring loom and p28 ecu. I've heard it's not a hard swap but I haven't swapped a Honda engine before and neither have my friends who will be helping me. Does...
  8. D16z6 swap hesitation (Mini Cooper swap)

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys! So I just had a full stainless exhaust with Vibrant mufflers built for my classic mini d16z6 swap. I'm running into a few issues however: 1. Major hesitation off idle 2. While motor is under load, hesitation is worse and car almost dies if too much throttle is given 3. IACV code...
  9. d16z6 swap basic boosting options

    Forced Induction
    Hey all! I have a d16z6 swapped into my classic mini cooper and I was wondering what my options are for boosting. Currently, the only things on the engine are some unknown brand 4-2-1 headers, Skunk2 Manifold, Chipped p28 ECU, and the A/C and Power steering were removed. The car only weighs...
  10. D15b7 Transmission swap?

    Transmission alley
    Sup everyone? So, a buddy of mine is GIVING me for FREE a y8 transmission off his 00 d16y8and I have a 93 Civic LX with a D15b7. I wanted to know if swapping the transmission would give me any gains worth doing this swap? Will it mount right up? I plan on replacing the clutch and flywheel...
  11. y7 to y8 intake manifold swap help

    General Tech
    Ok, so I did the y7 to 78 intake manifold swap on my 96 dx. Everything is put back in its correct place and now its hunting idle. Ive looked for vacuum leaks and didn't find any. I even put on a brand new iacv and its still hunting idle. Any ideas what to look for next?
  12. Just bought a civic and found out I can't lock the car!

    General Tech
    Hello! I don't post here often because I usually don't have problems with my Honda and I am too broke to put money into it. But now I have purchased a new (to me anyways) 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback. The car shifts great, runs great, minimal rust and I got it for a very cheap price from a guy I...
  13. d17a1 to a2 head swap?

    7th Gen
    I'm wanting to do a headswap on my lx to make it vtec. Is there anyone on here willing to sell their head for a reasonable price?
  14. Swapping HX motor into '00 Civic EX

    Naturally Aspirated
    I've been doing a lot of searching on here and around the Web and nothing is really coming up for me except on a few hypermiling sites. I see a lot of people dropping the D16Y8 their 96-00 Civic HX cars but never anyone putting a D16Y5 into their 96-00 EX. I'm pretty particular about my...
  15. y7 block z6 head *help*

    Engine Building
    Hey guys,a goodd friend of mine is giving me his z6 head and everything else z6 related; so I can put it on my y7 block. He's also giving me his wire harness and an ecu. Oh Yeah And I Have A 96 Civic Hatch. I know I need the obd2-to-obd1 jumper harness but what else do I need? I've found some...
  16. D16Y8 Intake Manifold on D17

    7th Gen
    Hey guys, I've been research a decent bit on this topic. I'm planning on just swapping the manifold and using the D17 TB, Fuel Rail, Injectors, and all that for the time being and also not having an EGR is a plus for this. However I am concerned with the tune I will need after the swap. I...
  17. Visual Wiring Guide for EG Auto to Manual Swap

    DIY Forum
    Just finished my own swap and found very few highly detailed guides on the wiring needed to bring a conversion close to stock. That being said, I went through the factory diagrams and whipped this baby up after doing it on my own car. Works great. Hope this helps some folks out there.( if...
  18. Replacing D16Z6 with D15B2

    Engine Building
    I am trying to replace the engine in my 95 Honda Civic Hatch with the old engine out of my 90 Honda Civic Hatch. I blew the engine in the 95 and totaled the 90 so i am taking the Z6 head and throwing it on the D15b2 body. i got everything swapped over but the engine mounts wont line up with the...
  19. D15b vtec mpfi swap problems helppppp

    General Tech
    Hey fellow dseries members. Im posting bc i have a ed hatch. I swappedcit to mpfi. But only 2 injectors are firing. Now i searched everywhere and found stuff but nothing worked. The problem is the car was mpfi converted before but they left it with resistor box. I bought a converted harness bc...
  20. will b7 started work for y7

    Engine Building
    i just swapped out my b7 for a y7 due to the burning of oil caused by fried rings just finished the dropping in and hooking up the harness. the starter turns the engine but not fast enough or with enough power to actually fire. is this due to the fact the i am using a 1.5L starter in a 1.6L? or...