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  1. Cheapest engine for 2004 Civic?

    General Tech
    My 2004 Honda Civic LX with a D17A1 needs a new engine. Would the cheapest option be to buy another D17A1? What other options do I have? I will be paying a mechanic for labor.
  2. d16y7 to d16y8 swap

    Engine Management
    Hey guys i am new here and was wanting to gather information on how i can do a d16y8 swap into my 1999 Honda Civic Hatch. I hope that i am not repeating another thread but i was wanting to get's opinion and thoughts on this swap and how much i should budget? tine itll take? etc...
  3. Swapping out d15b7 for d16z6

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, Sooooo. the POS motor that came with my 94 dx coupe (b2 block/b7 head) finally bit the bullet on me. I got a deal on a z6 setup (ENTIRE MOTOR, intake dizzy, motor, tranny, all of it). and I got it all for $300 from the junkyard. It IS a running motor when it got to them so Im hoping...
  4. D15b vtec mpfi swap problems helppppp

    General Tech
    Hey fellow dseries members. Im posting bc i have a ed hatch. I swappedcit to mpfi. But only 2 injectors are firing. Now i searched everywhere and found stuff but nothing worked. The problem is the car was mpfi converted before but they left it with resistor box. I bought a converted harness bc...
  5. Mini-me swap.. confused.

    New Member Introductions
    I know there are numerous posts/guides/info and what not on this subject, but I haven't found any simple solid instruction that is specific to my situation.. or maybe i have and just can't wrap my mind around it so here it goes... I have an unmolested 89 crx si, did a compression test, and...
  6. 91 crx hf d15b7 swap

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey everyone, If this is already up somewhere please point me in the right direction. I chose this swap because I found a d15b7 and an A6 transmission for cheap and it seems to be a straight forward swap where motor mounts and transmission components match up well. This is my daily driver...
  7. d16z6 swap hunting idle and dies?

    Engine Building
    Ok let me start off by saying this is my first post on here and yes i know that i am a noob. So if i have posted this in the wrong section i am sorry and just try to point me towards the drection i need to go. With that said lets get right down to the problem. I have a 93 honda del sol s that...
  8. D15b7 injectors wont fire

    Engine Building
    Swaped a d15b7 because the other one had a rod knock but the other engine in same injectors but now the injectors wont spray, checked to see if they got power with a light tester and it does but when i check the ecu wires it doesnt light up. Ive tried looking for a wire grounding out on...
  9. D17 into my del sol!

    General Tech
    Donor car: Ek coupe d17 My car: 93 Honda del sol I've almost got the d17 out of the ek, And im just wondering what all im going to need to put it in my del sol. Am i going to be able to use the motor/tranny mounts, Shift linkage, Wiring harness, radiator, Cv axles? Thanks a lot, Before you...