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  1. Engine Management
    I am in need of help. I am in the process of getting my Frankenstein car to run. First background: The car is a 89 civic DX that HAD a d15b2 in it. With DPFI. I have now thrown in a d15b (Non VTEC) with a Y7 Head into this. I have kept the same ECU, Wiring harness, DPFI intake, distributor, and...
  2. Engine Building
    I recently had a problem with my girlfriends car (which is a d16y7) low compression in two pistons i guess.Well what the mechanic told me so i ended up buying a low mileage jdm d15b non vtec engine from .the problem is can i use the y7 timing belt for the d15b?? also the intake...
  3. Engine Building
    Hay everyone im the new kid in town and i just reasontly picked up a 91 civic dx hatch. Now i have a question for any one who would like to help me. Ok well i have two engines laying around. I have a b18a1 and a d16y7. The b18 is completely dissassembled. From what the prevous owner told me he...
1-3 of 3 Results