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  1. Better shock absorbers for coil springs

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, long time lurker here and wanted to make an introduction post. Figured I'd include a question with my introduction. I'm a lube tech at ford and from Charlotte NC. I have a 93 del sol that came with old crappy raceland coilovers. My question is what would be a better adjustable shock...
  2. OEM shocks - replacement options?

    Suspension Corner
    Hello guys, Long time don't see. One of my rear shocks is really bad and I'm planning on replacing both of them. What is a good option to consider. Don't want to buy OEM from the dealer, but don't want to buy any crap on the net. A friend of mine tald me to get either FSR or Monroe strut...
  3. Need help fixing my 94 civic coupe No Swap

    Engine Building
    94 civic coupe dx automatic.. I know gay but it was my graduation gift I wasn't born blessed lol but hey I have a magma flow. High Cat Converter, exhaust, rims and that's about it I wanna lower it but I don't have money for shocks Ima just got for springs on stock shocks any help people...
  4. need advise or info about adjustable radius rods?

    Suspension Corner
    my car is a 90 crx si, i had my car at a suspension, alignment & frame shop after a balljoint busted on me, and got lower drivers balljoint replaced, a driver side CV axle and rear trailing arm bushings, and he also checked everything else out and made a list of everything that was bad...
  5. squeaky sound turning steering wheel to the left ?

    Suspension Corner
    my car is a 90 crx si with 250,000 miles on the chassis, recently it makes a squeaky noise as i am turning the steering wheel towards the left, usually when going slower speeds, such as manoevering around a parking lot and stuff like that, it sounds like its coming from...
  6. COIL OVER HELP!! (1988 Civic dx hatch)

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys. So i'm really just looking for some advice on coilovers. I do not plan to own the car for long but, even still do not want to buy EBAY coilovers. I would like to spend somewhere between $400 and $500 for a name brand set that comes with everything. Is this possible? Does anybody know...
  7. Can't find diagram of whole crx suspension system ?

    General Tech
    after searching all over, i can't find a picture of a diagram of the whole crx suspension system, all attached together, showing the subframes and front crossmember along with the front and rear suspension parts attached to them ? showing it how its all attached together on the car, but...
  8. Lowering Springs

    Suspension Corner
    was looking into these lowering springs for my ej1. they give a 2.5" drop in the front and a 2.25" drop in the rear. the spring rates are 199 lbs in the front and 148 lbs in the rear. My question is are these rates low enough to use with my stock struts? I would be making a set of extended top...
  9. Ninja650r's first build thread.

    Welp, here it is. A build thread. Figured since I'm doing some major updates to my car in the next month that I should start one. Anyway, my car is a 1990 ED6. Standard model. Hatchback. Red. History time. A long time ago. Somebody owned this car, and the d15 decided it didn't want to run...
  10. stiffer springs for a stock height crx?

    Suspension Corner
    Ok, I've been having issues with the stock springs being a bit too squishy with a second person in the car. I could care less if it rides like a go cart as long as I'm not scraping my header against the ground every time I hit a little bump with a passenger. Any recommendations for a stock...
  11. one piece suspension

    Suspension Corner
    i bought a del sol with a one piece suspension. unfortunately i am a delivery driver in one of the states with the worst pot holes. i am not sure of the brand. what pieces, mounts, etc do i need to get the suspension back to the point where i wont be bouncing up and down
  12. tons of noise when hitting small bumps at any speed

    Suspension Corner
    i recently bought a 1994 ex for pretty cheap. it has a newer engine, exhaust, lowering springs, newer upper control arms, and a few other things. the biggest issue i have is when i hit a Small bump it is extremely loud and bouncy in the front end and it is really hard to control sometimes...
  13. This damn coilovers?!!

    Suspension Corner
    I installed a no name coilovers on my stock struts. Now theres two different size springs the thicker and the thinner i went and put the thicker springs up front and thinner in the rear, and when i tried to adjust it the front was fine, but the rear turn out to low and i couldnt adjust it any...
  14. How low can i go?

    Suspension Corner
    I'm running some Tokico blue shocks, and ebay adjustable springs, (unsure of the rate), because I"m on a budget. My question is, seeing as how the Tokicos are not super top of the line, how low do you guys think i can set my ride height without prematurely blowing the struts? (Roughly. I mean...
  15. **bouncy AF**

    Suspension Corner
    So I have an 89 Honda civic. Buddyclub coilovers. So I "Maxed" out all lowering perches. Pretty much "slamming" it. Now my ride is super bouncy. Anyway to maintain the ride height but without the bounce??
  16. inside of tires eating alive

    Suspension Corner
    on my 93 civic when i back up i get a loud pop on the driver side, put new wheels on it yesterday and getting tons of road noise now. when i go over bumps i hear a loud metal.... like bending of flexing sound. any ideas. my car also eats the hell outta some tires even after ball joints the...
  17. Del Sol suspension

    Suspension Corner
    Just bought a 93 Del Sol SI a couple weeks ago. Needs new coil springs and struts. Wondering what would be a good setup. Not looking for high performance as its my daily driver, not racing. Wouldn't mind the option to lower, but not necessary. I'll be driving an average of 120 miles a day in...
  18. Questions about suspension upgrades

    Suspension Corner
    Hey D World, i got a few question i hope someone can answer, i drive a 97 civic lx, no mods except neuspeed lowering springs and intake. 1. so i was doing some spirited driving through a canyon yesterday i hit a rock going through a corner, now when i shake the steering wheel side to side i...
  19. Trying to get my STD EF on the ground "/

    Suspension Corner
    ive been researching and the more i research, it seems the more time i spend staying in the same spot hahaha. 88-91 Hondas seem to be the hardest year and models of hondas to get them to sit on the ground with a Full Coilover set that is. So now i ask for someones help. "Woody's 1988 STD...
  20. 94 EG Strut bar Set

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 94 hatch (CX) and I am looking at a 5 piece strut bar set, I am trying to do anything to get more performance out of it. I already put an ST Front and rear sway bar set since mine had no sway bars stock (anyonr=e in that boat the ST setup is really nice Suspension...