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  1. D16 stroker questions.

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello DSO long time lurker, and I'm looking to build a Y8 stroker and just need a few details ironed out. D16Y8 D17 crank and rods D15b pistons Keeping it obd0 FTW 1. What would be the best way to set up a basemap for it or setting base timing, (not sure if timing marks line up or I'm just over...
  2. D15B Stroker on d17a2 Crank and Pistons, noob here :D

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys i was wondering if i can stroke my d15b with d17 crank and pistons including the rods i would like to know a lot of info on the how to, because a) i´m a noob b) i got a great deal on d17 internals (pistons,rods,crank) c) i´m from venezuela and don´t have too many options for swap...
  3. needing noob advice

    New Member Introductions
    ok so i bought my first honda a year ago. a 93 civic lx, d15b7. put some rims on it 15s now. a header and short ram ai. well heres the deal, nobody around here even messes with lxs. so i want to build a one of a kind civic all me and totally different from the rest in okc. i dont wanna go with...
  4. kingyeddi's 'anti-budget' eco/cheapo turbo build

    93 4dr 5sp D16z6.. Honda kn00b. First turbo build period. Still collecting parts for the 'kit'. First goal is to complete the kit and get her up and running on low boost and output of minimum funds. I'm using as much used shit as possible via forums and trying to avoid dealing with the shitbay...
  5. D18Y8 engine build

    Engine Building
    My D18 build… Warning: I wrote up a lot of shit. I know that some of you might be interested in the details. Skip to the build summary and pix if you can't bear to read it all. This is a thread about building a 1.8l D16Y8 aka the D18 and installing into my 97 Hatch. While I’m still in the...