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  1. Nearly finished my small, stock D14 turbo, advice?

    Hi guys, nearly finished fitting my turbo set up on my d14a4 non VTEC Sohc (UK spec). Still waiting on a few parts to show up, totally new to all this, learning as i go, any advice is really appreicated. So far this is what I've got. Garrett T25 journal bearing turbo (welded waste gate port)...
  2. D16Z6 cannot pass emmisions

    General Tech
    Hi I'm new to the forum, but I just bought a 1995 honda civic ex with a d16z6 in it and in oregon we are required to take emissions testing here my car failed for over double the required hydrocarbons, here's what I've done recently replaced the headgasket, new spark plugs, new o2 sensor, new...
  3. Kinda New Guy Here

    New Member Introductions
    I forgot that I was supposed to do one of these :) A little bit of backround I guess. Older brothers always had Honda's and Acura's, the oldest had the eg hatches, ex coupe, he even had a b18 in one hatch that got stolen, it showed him racing on MTV "True life of a street racer" he was all...
  4. Boost time! Stock internal d16y8

    Forced Induction
    Greetings all, I have made major advances since my last thread about many of my noob questions. I have since contacted a tuner, pieced together my own kit for around 900$ (including stage 4 cc), not including intercooler piping though. So onto the goodies :) T3/T4 ching chong turbo with 1/8...
  5. D16y8 cuts in and out

    Engine Management
    Hello I drive a 95 civic ex with a stock d16y8 engine and the p28 ecu is chipped. My engine cuts in and out if i press the gas pedal to the floor when I'm at 4500 rpm. I'm not sure if this is a fuel or tuning issue. Only mods the car has is a 3 inch exhaust from the header back, aftermarket...
  6. D16z6 Turbo Build

    Forced Induction
    D16z6/y8 Turbo Build So, I'm currently researching for my first turbo build. I'm fairly new into the Honda scene, though I'm loving it so far. Please forgive me for the ignorance I'm undoubtedly going to exhibit, I've attempted to research as much as I can, but asking you all here seems like...
  7. 95 Del Sol Project~~Where to Start?

    Engine Building
    Hi, i recently just bought a 95 Del Sol. I want to put a D16Z6 in, because this Car is Stock all except a Z6 tranny. But im new to Hondas and Dont know where i should Start because i want this car to be my daily driver. So any suggestions would help lead me in the right direct.
  8. Stock SOHC Turbo 1/4 times

    New Member Introductions
    Im curious what other boosted stockers run out there Mines 2.3 60ft 14" steels on street tire 13.8 @102 1/4 mile Set-up d16z6 stock head block arp studs oem headgasket mazdaspeed factory turbo 12psi Lsd si trans Let's see yours!
  9. Turbo d15b7 project

    i am setting up my first car for a turbo. at the moment i have the stock d15b7 with a d16a6 cam i am going to put on a diy ported head that i did myself and arp headstuds. i am hoping for around 160-180hp on 6-8 psi i bough a used airesearch m27 turbo for 140 online. i looked it up and as far...
  10. hey fellow d-series people (building motor)

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys how is everyone? i just wanna say whats up and ask some questions. i am new to this forum and have been reading and there is a lot of great information on here. i am currently getting my civic ready for the road again and wanted some non judgement mental advice. i have a 97 ej6 sedan i...
  11. 89 Civic Hatchback Fog Lights

    General Tech
    i have an 89 Civic Hatchback i'm a clean, stock, simple and done right type of person i don't want something "cheezed" but i would like to have the ablility to use fog lights. tho i also want to keep the stock look of the 88-91 series hatchbacks any ideas. i want to stay as far away from...
  12. Timing Problem D16z6

    Engine Management
    My d16z6 locked up on me a couple days ago, and i was lookin at it yesterday, and the timing is off, but idk how it happened. it also cranks over now. It's at TDC but the button on the dizzy is pointing at #3, does anyone have any idea's?? it's all stock too btw, except mr2 15's:biggrin: any...
  13. 91 Civic Lx Auto Turbo Build

    Forced Induction
    Its a 91 civic sedax dx auto has 151xxxmi and im turboing it asap unless i can quickly find parts in my area im getting this kit 1992-2000 CIVIC D15/D16 SOHC T3/T4 TO4E TURBO KIT 92-00 : eBay Motors (item 170411661195 end time Feb-22-10 23:39:11 PST) i plan on making it stick whenever i find a...
  14. Question on stock EG5 Suspension travel

    Suspension Corner
    Yea hey guys so my question is as entiltled! I need to find out how much travel a stock EG5 or (or just an EG if theres no difference) front suspension leg has, or how much travel the damper has exactly so i know a little more about modifying my coilovers. I didnt have time to strip a leg today...
  15. Stock D16 build

    Engine Building
    So I got a block from the junkyard (D16Z6 from '94 with 300k on it). I already have a rebuilt D16Z6 head layin around. This is my engine build. Here's the block when I got it with the oil pan off:
  16. How much boost can I run on stock Ecu

    Forced Induction
    Pretty much what it states, I got a Y7 and I wanna boost it. Nothing major, tops 10-12 Psi for track/fun and maybe have a boost controller and bring it down to 4 or 6Psi for Daily (less gas/more life?). If I can run stock Ecu does that mean I dont even need a tune(save $$)? This may be a...