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  1. Engine Management
    Okay so I changed my engine in my DC1 Integra. Bottom end went I think. Yet to take it apart to diagnose. Put a new engine in (1.6 ZC d series non-vtec) exact same as old engine. Here are the symptoms: - Engine is cranking over but won't start. - Battery light is on in the dash (wasn't prior...
  2. Engine Management
    1997 Civic CX, Manual I've checked the basic four: Spark (yellow), gas (plugs get wet), timing (seems ok), compression (about 90 per). Right now I'm working on spark (yellow is bad, blue is good) but I'm wondering if there might be something more obvious or typical of this model that I should...
  3. General Tech
    Ive swapped in a D16z6 into a 91 dx. Im getting spark to the wires, and the plugs are out of the box(gaped of course), Ive replaced the fuel filter and injectors, Im getting fuel to the rail and through the system, I can smell fuel out of the exhaust. I rebuilt the motor prior to putting it...
1-3 of 3 Results