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starting issues

  1. Engine Cranking won't start

    Engine Management
    Okay so I changed my engine in my DC1 Integra. Bottom end went I think. Yet to take it apart to diagnose. Put a new engine in (1.6 ZC d series non-vtec) exact same as old engine. Here are the symptoms: - Engine is cranking over but won't start. - Battery light is on in the dash (wasn't prior...
  2. 1995 Del Sol not starting from ignition. HELP!!

    General Tech
    Good day D-series peeps, I have a starting problem with my del slo. Its a type s with an si engine swapped by previous owner. When i bought the car it had a push start button to start the car still does. I found out my ecu was for an automatic and swapped it for a manual. Car still functions...
  3. Fuel Injectors are not please

    Naturally Aspirated
    Ok I brough I D15BVtec swap and installed it into a 95 EG coupe. When i finally got it in and everything hooked up, when I turned the key to start it for the first time, it won't start. It WILL turn over BUT not Start. Yes my pump is running and priming Yes fuel is getting all the way to the...
  4. [email protected]&D wont start what am i doing wrong

    General Tech
    So i hooked up the spark plugs power source distributor and all that good stuff thinking Ok were all set. I was hpoing to take it for a test drive this past week but then i got stuck...AGAIN. The car wont start. The motor turns over the starter works but it wont start. I used Starting fluid to...