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  1. General Tech
    I have a 98 civic coupe with the good ol' d16y8 VTEC. When I go to start the car all I hear is a click, I was able to bump start the car so I know it runs fine. Few things to note first, I have a code for the ELD (electric load detector) and my alternator overcharges my battery. A few weeks...
  2. General Tech
    hello guys , my first post here on my first Honda - so i'm still learning and may use wrong phrases or diagnosis. so: during a long ride the speed sensor suddenly failed - stopped showing the speed stopped a few minutes later to check - the car won't start i still had a healthy starter (new...
  3. New Member Introductions
    So i bought a D15B7 motor with a 5spd manual transmission but... The motor didnt come with a starter :(. Ive serched online for starters nd came up with 2 types... Nippondenso nd mitsuba. What one do i buy? The motor came out of a 95 civic dx. My old motor was an automatic nd the mounting holes...
  4. Engine Building
    i just swapped out my b7 for a y7 due to the burning of oil caused by fried rings just finished the dropping in and hooking up the harness. the starter turns the engine but not fast enough or with enough power to actually fire. is this due to the fact the i am using a 1.5L starter in a 1.6L? or...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I just recently bought a 97 EK hatch (ej6 I believe) and I plan on making it into my first and ultimate project car. It only has a d16y7 in it and I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on what to start with? I know I want to give it a vtec head and to boost it later on, but I...
  6. For Sale
    13 inch honda rims and tires tires are done for sure. road rash one rim is cracked I live in the orange county, ca area if you want to meet up. pm me for number or email
  7. General Tech
    my starter died, i called autozone they have 2 for my car, its an 89 honda crx transmission with the jdm 1.5l vtec 89 fly wheel and clutch. autozone says they have 2 in stock. one is direct drive and the other is gear reduction driven. using the code sticker on my transmission how do i figure...
  8. General Tech
    so my starter is acting up.. i've had to push start my car 2 times now but i have a different starter from my motor swap... my question is are the starters the same for auto and manual? for a d15b7
  9. General Tech
    Alright so I left school tonight, my car started with no problem, drove fine. I got home turned the car off for a few minutes. When I went back outside and tried to start the car I got nothing. The power was good but no crank. I dont know much about cars right now, but my father knows a good...
  10. For Sale
    1 00 Y8 starter 1 93 B7 starter $20 plus shipping each. Use DHL to calculate shipping from 37615.
1-10 of 10 Results