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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, Is there much point turboing a D14Z1? although this is a show car, so it won't be used for any racing values and so on, just for looks (ricer). Current stats of my car are: D14Z1 engine Carbon Fiber Whale Intake Coilovers (don't know the name) Rota Aleica 15" Front 8J | Rear 9J...
  2. Showcase
    looking to run a fat setup on my EJ1, just thought it would be cool to get some ideas. i'm probably going with this exact setup on this integra it's a 205/50/15 on a 15x7 +35 looks real nice imho. if you post up try including all specs like wheel size and offset along with the rubber.
  3. Suspension Corner
    I'm running some Tokico blue shocks, and ebay adjustable springs, (unsure of the rate), because I"m on a budget. My question is, seeing as how the Tokicos are not super top of the line, how low do you guys think i can set my ride height without prematurely blowing the struts? (Roughly. I mean...
1-3 of 3 Results