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  1. D15b2 stall.

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello, I have a stock civic eg '94 with d15b2 and lpg. When i start my car it takes long to really start, sometimes it stalls directly and sometimes I can drive all day. last week it stalled about 4 times in 40km. I also have a very low idle sometimes. thats why it stalls. my second problem is...
  2. d16z6 swap hunting idle and dies?

    Engine Building
    Ok let me start off by saying this is my first post on here and yes i know that i am a noob. So if i have posted this in the wrong section i am sorry and just try to point me towards the drection i need to go. With that said lets get right down to the problem. I have a 93 honda del sol s that...
  3. Need help and thoughts on my problem

    Forced Induction
    OK the problem is when i first start my car (cold) it doesnt want to stay running it will just idle for 3-5 secs then die i can keep it running and once it gets a little warm it stays running and idles fine sounds like its missing slightly only when cold does it do that when its all the way warm...
  4. car stalling

    General Tech
    for the past month my car has been stalling during intersections and while going faster this pounding noise starts to happen , just had a new 02 sensor put in WTF IS GOIN ON HERE ??? >.<
  5. Mini me runs like crap

    Engine Management
    Ok so last week i did a mini me swap(d15b1/y8 head 98 civic hx) ran perfectly all week then i got my vtec conversion kit for my p06 and chip so i decided to put it all in. Did it car ran amazing pulled real hard but one thing i noticed was it was alil harder to pull out(had to give it alil more...