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  1. Please help pin outs for 03 civic gauge cluster...

    Hello everyone. I have a 95 civic coupe and the speedo went south on me. I opened up the dash and a resistor fell out of the cluster. I had seen on YouTube someone retrofit a 03 cluster into a 97 civic I believe.. I cannot find an accurate list for the pin outs of the new cluster.. If anyone has...
  2. speedometer is 7 mph fast...

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 1993 civic with an ls swap i just got. I was curious if my speedometer is 7 mph off will this cause my trip meter to be off as well? ---i tried searching but cant find a definite answer
  3. Speedo ?!?

    My speedometer is actin up, when i cut the car on to acc, the needle jumps straight to 30mph. i unplugged the cluster and the speed sensor to try to reset but it still does it. in other suggestions?
  4. I need some help fuse 15 blown

    General Tech
    Alright my fuse 15 keep blowing out speedometer going crazy and lights are dimming, I looked under the car did the whole take off the intake manifold bracket i checked all the wires on the harness but none of them were bare all looked good also checked the alternator voltage is good any other...