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  1. Test vtec solenoid?

    General Tech
    How does one test a vtec solenoid? Simply run the wires to a battery and listen for a click? Will be doing it on d26y8
  2. Vtec Solenoid cutting off and on while tuning

    Engine Management
    I am tuning my civic (turbo y8 ) with the AEM EMS Series 2. The problem I am having is that the vtec solenoid seems to be cutting out randomly during the driving process. The oil is topped off and my oil pressure gauge running off the 'sandwich plate' has not given me any issues yet. I...
  3. Ignition Problem Need Help Quick! Thanks

    General Tech
    Alright so I left school tonight, my car started with no problem, drove fine. I got home turned the car off for a few minutes. When I went back outside and tried to start the car I got nothing. The power was good but no crank. I dont know much about cars right now, but my father knows a good...
  4. Vtec solenoid gasket leaking?

    General Tech
    hey im new to d-series. when i bought my 93 civic i noticed a slight oil leak coming from the top end. i replaced my vc gasket and distributor o-ring but it still seems to be leaking. i think its the vtec solenoid. can they even leak oil? if so, is this a common thing? thanks for all your alls help.
  5. D15b vtec solenoid

    Engine Management
    im thinking about buying a coupe with a d15b but the coupe is pulling a code 21 i believe. so i hear it is pretty simple to replace but do you know where i can get a cheap vtec solenoid.