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  1. Hello all

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all I am happy to have found this site : ) I have a 1996 Honda Del Sol D16z6 and I love it. I want to build a D16Z6, or Y8 or a mix depending on how everything goes I want to have full built Engine and turbo around 15lbs of boost and I still want to be able to race but not only drag race...
  2. D Series block discussion

    Engine Building
    To all d series experts! I read through the "Best d series block for boost" thread, and this one is pretty much the same but did not want to ressurect old thread. I want to build a d-series Single slammer. I have owned 2 d series engines (ek civic and ef) and have been very reliable for me...
  3. My very first build :D

    Hey Mates! How are you doing? Hope all having trouble-fun with your rides, lol. Im' from Brazil and have been a long time I've studied english so please forgive any misspelling. :tongue: Well, this is my very first build. In all sense. Got other cars from other brands with different levels of...
  4. OBX LSD

    Product Reviews
    Absolute piece of $#!%! Lifetime warranty my @$$! Didn't handle a stock d16y8! Less than 1000mi and look what happened! They still try to sell this crap on ebay. Crap material, worst machinery! Absolute no support. Be aware!
  5. Timelapse of my engine removal

    So I'm still new at making videos and it's hard to decide what to film and what not to. I need some ideas guys... I got a bunch of work ahead of me because I haven't touched or drove my car in over a year... It just sat here in the driveway sadly... but anyways I caught a good day here in...
  6. D16Z6 build. Need help

    Engine Building
    Ok I'm new to Hondas. I mostly mess with muscle. But I want to build up this ex I just got. And want to do it right. I want to get as much as I can out of her. Also want to turbo it. Just don't know where to start or what to buy. Please give me ideas. Im not gonna switch motors or anything I...
  7. Stock SOHC Turbo 1/4 times

    New Member Introductions
    Im curious what other boosted stockers run out there Mines 2.3 60ft 14" steels on street tire 13.8 @102 1/4 mile Set-up d16z6 stock head block arp studs oem headgasket mazdaspeed factory turbo 12psi Lsd si trans Let's see yours!
  8. Sohc zc non vtec turbo first timer

    Forced Induction
    This is my first time ever turboing any car. I have done countless research and I finally have a some what better understanding about turbos but I have many more questions just like everyone else. Luckily I found a 16g evo III turbo charger for a really good deal(pretty much some other guys...
  9. Hello Honda community

    New Member Introductions
    Help needed! so why do you guys treat someone with little honda knowledge like shit? its not my fault i grew up on muscle cars. gotta learn somewheres.
  10. SOHC ZC

    New Member Introductions
    I figured I'd start this thread since there was a DOHC ZC thread, and I noticed people asking about a SOHC ZC thread on the dohc thread. If there is already a SOHC ZC thread please delete this thread administrators; If not i'll edit out this sentence later. SOHC ZC thread: Post/discuss your...
  11. sohc or dohc turbo safer?

    Forced Induction
    so im pretty new to the honda world. i have a good idea of what i want to build im just not sure on the motor. i want to turbo either a sohc or dohc but i dont know what would be safest. i ddrive alot around town so it would have to be dd safe which is why i was thinking the sohc is better. i...
  12. dpfi to mpfi

    Engine Building
    Will i be loosing gas millage? because i got all the parts ready but just curious.
  13. N00B D15B owner

    General Tech
    Got a bone stock D15B swapped del sol. Havent messed or really ever been intrested in sohc's until i got one. So as im reading the world of sohc is alot different from the dohcs. So reading, reading, reading, i see that a d15b and d16z6 have alot of common similarities and some diffrences. Im...
  14. Mini-me swap problems...

    General Tech
    I recently did a mini-me swap on my Y7 with a Y8 head. I wired everything up and used a P28 and used a write up from JDMU for reference. I have a thread going on that site to try and figure out why it's running so damn rich... so if anyone who's has a clue is willing to help I'd appreciate it...
  15. d16y7 with d16y8 head?

    Engine Building
    What's up guys, I have a 1996 Civic DX, 5 speed and the d16y7 engine. I was thinking about putting a d16y8 head on my stock engine and maybe thinking about supercharging it after that. So I was wondering a few things. 1.) How beneficial would installing the d16y8 head be? More hp? More...
  16. 97 ej6 turbo project

    Forced Induction
    Im new to the site but have been reading and planning out my turbo build on my d16y7 for a few months now. Im planning on doing a y8 mini-me swap for my first modification. I plan to use a p28 obd1 ecu after the y8 swap which will make tuning easier. Currently my car has a full exhaust with...
  17. Advice about D16Z6

    Engine Building
    Guy's, I've a D16Z6 SOHC and I need some advices about which pistons, cam, valves, valve spring and retainers to use to get more powerful and compression rate. My car's setup is: - Intake Manifold Edelbrock Performer X - Throttle Body Edelbrock 65mm - Cold Air Intake AEM V2 - Header DC Sports...
  18. ZC or SOHC non-vtec

    Engine Building
    In your opinion what's a better engine? What has better aftermarket support? And how about whether or not to go Turbo or N/A. I'm looking to put either in my 90 Civic Hatch (4th gen). And if anyone knows what is the engine name for the SOHC non-vtec. I believe they are stock in 4th gen Si...
  19. nada

    Transmission alley
    I need to read the rules
  20. Evergreen n00b

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I got myself a 96 Civic EX d16y8. It's got a lot of work to be done (mostly fixing the mickey mouse electrical wiring). I'm sure I'll find a lot here. For my n00b question...has anyone successfully reshaped aftermarket body kits? The previous owner hit a coyote leaving the front...