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sohc zc

  1. air blowing out of oil cap when removed

    Engine Management
    so i have a 91 civic with a sohc zc swap. i recently was involved in a rear end accident. nothing happened to the motor but i drove it for about 70 miles after the accident. everything was good and fine but one night i tried to get on it and i had no power what so ever. so i replaced the plugs...
  2. **Sohc Zc head pricing**

    General Tech
    So I have a Sohc Zc head (non-vtec) that is in prime condidtion, just not sure what's a fair price to list it at.
  3. SOHC ZC

    New Member Introductions
    I figured I'd start this thread since there was a DOHC ZC thread, and I noticed people asking about a SOHC ZC thread on the dohc thread. If there is already a SOHC ZC thread please delete this thread administrators; If not i'll edit out this sentence later. SOHC ZC thread: Post/discuss your...
  4. Sohc zc on the way

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    post deleted.
  5. Help build a SOHC ZC.

    Engine Building
    Yes, another ZC post. I've been searching for weeks for a thread or some type of advice column answering my questions. So far, I haven't found anything, little things here and there, but nothing to my liking. What I'm looking for is detailed information on what I should do to build up my SOHC...
  6. d15b7 rebuild ?'s

    Engine Building
    hey, i have a 94 civic 2dr dx. the stock motor is a b15b7 and has 247k on it, it somkes and burns oil like crazy. so i order a zc sohc non vtec. i put the zc motor in and it has a bent valve. so i took the b7 head off to put on the zc for now and it was BAD!! i cleaned it up alittle and use s...
  7. Sohc zc non-vtec into an eg. a few qs.

    New Member Introductions
    hey all. i have the opportunity to get a sohc zc non-vtec and an si tranny for really, really cheap. i figure i shouldn't pass on this opportunity but I have a few questions about this swap. first up, my car. nothing-special eg d15b7 with i/h/e stock dx tranny now that that's out of the way...
  8. HELP! need some quick info before i take action

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody! I have a 95 si and while driving it the other day I heard a PING! And then the car cut off. I thought it was the timing belt so I coasted off the road and pulled the cover and the belt was still intact. I tried to start it once and it sounded like there was no compression. So I...
  9. New introduction

    New Member Introductions
    hey everyone, my name is ashley and i live in southern oregon. i own an 89 4dr civic with a sohc zc non vtec in it. the rings and bearings were just replaced[[which were easier than a model car]] and the head was rebuilt about 2 years ago. the head has been shaved .010 and the block was decked...
  10. ZC swap help??

    Engine Management
    ok so we put a sohc zc into a 90 crx and did the dpfi to the mpfi. we have the correct ecu, im, and dizzy the problems we are havig are that it revs out at around 3,000 and yes we have swapped the tps wires. the ecu light stays on and we have tried 2 other known good ecus and they still stay...