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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, new here, I love hondas like the rest of you. So I just got a 98 Civic EX, my first 5 speed after owning a 99 civic lx for a half dozen years, I noticed the last few days, when I first start it up the idle was sitting at 1500 (i have since cleaned throttle body and adjusted idle...
  2. Engine Management
    my 93 civic dx D15B7 is running bad when left at idle for a long period, and smokes white, but it will not run bad on a cold start and no white smoke. i first thouggt this to be a head gasket but it only smokes after 20 min of warm idle. suggestions please
  3. General Tech
    PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST TO HAVE A FULL IDEA OF WHAT IS GOING ON HERE heres my setup first of all that i just purchased a week or so ago its a 95 hatchback with a d16y5 swapped into it using a obd1 to obd2a harness for the p2n ecu issues im trippping the following codes 22 vtec oil...
  4. Showcase
    SSSSSOooooooooo... I kinda... Got ANOTHER Toy, 92 vx I kinda ADDED ANOTHER ONE to my collection!!!! Soooo.... I had those green del sol rims.... and the extra B18 for my EK hatch.... Yea.... I kinda traded those for a DA Shell.... BUT WAIT! ummm.... I kinda Traded that for an EG 4...
1-5 of 5 Results