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  1. Suspension Corner
    hey all, something like this has probably been asked before, but i still don’t get it. i just recently upgraded from $30 ebay lowering springs, to yonaka front coilovers. they’re soo good. anyways, i picked up some Ground Control coil sleeves so i could go lower, without doing the whole 50s...
  2. General Tech
    Hey all, I recently bought a Civic Wagon RT4WD (with a d16a6). It had a very large oil leak coming from between the engine and transmission. Figuring it was a rear main seal leak, i dropped the tranny and took out the main seal. The crankshaft had a fairly substantial groove worn into it (I...
  3. Engine Building
    so i was changing the oil pan gasket and i started looking at the cylinder walls with the oil pan off.. the cylinder walls are mirror like. i cant find any wear on the walls. there seems to be a very small gap were the cylinder wall meets the block. i have never seen any used engine with a...
1-3 of 3 Results