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  1. The Sleeper Z6 Turbo Build

    Hi all, I've been a long time lurker here at D-series with a few smaller posts. I currently have a ek sedan with a baby turbo on it (TD04H-15t) and making about 170whp. It doesn't have anything done to the exterior. Still has the stock wheels with the hubcaps on it. My car has been boosted for...
  2. D15B Stroker on d17a2 Crank and Pistons, noob here :D

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys i was wondering if i can stroke my d15b with d17 crank and pistons including the rods i would like to know a lot of info on the how to, because a) i´m a noob b) i got a great deal on d17 internals (pistons,rods,crank) c) i´m from venezuela and don´t have too many options for swap...
  3. Two Tone Boost Beast

    I've been wanting one of these so hard for so long to build the ultimate sleeper. Now I've finally got one and it's the perfect base for my insane project. 1992 Toyota Aristo. Two tone paintjob. Beige interior. Automatic. Four doors. 2JZGTE! Pearl white/Silver metallic Comes with an ARC...
  4. A not-so brief history of my 1992 Si Hatch

    Sep 08 When I bought it, bone stock, rough around the edges... D16Z6 with lots of miles and lots of OH GOD ITS UGLY KILL IT Interior was clean though. Washed the shit off the VC and degreased everything. Oct 08 Got a new VC, wire brushed it, painted it crinkle black.
  5. My 97 Coupe

    I thought id make a showcase thread of my car. I have alot of work into it. I drive a 97 Civic ex coupe. Mods list, Fully built D16z6 Srp pistons 75.5mm, 10.5:1 c/r Pauter rods Micro polished crank sick full p&p head comp valve springs Arp head studs Custom powdercoated valve cover precision...