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  1. JDM d15b vtec

    New Member Introductions
    So i just got my d15b and im wanting to order an exhaust, prefer a skunk2, what size and best exhaust would go for my motor?
  2. D16Y8 needs Help/Advise

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey I have a D16Y8 with a K&N cold air intake, Megan headers, Skunk2 catback, and a Bisimoto stage 2 cam. I just bought a 70mm skunk2 alpha Throttle body, and a skunk2 pro series intake manifold. My question now is do i have to get it tuned? Bigger Injectors? Will it be ok with the stock...
  3. Cold air and intake issue

    New Member Introductions
    I have a d16y8 with stock intake and throttle body. Installed on that is an Injen CAI. I am looking at buying a Skunk2 intake, which is an entirely different setup than my current one, and it appears that I would need to purchase a new cold air. My question is can I modify my current CAI or am I...
  4. Edelbrock short shifter

    General Tech
    Has anyone ever used this? I have heard wonderful things about the skunk2 short shifter and weighted shift knob, however I just have a hard time spending $170 on a shifter/knob combo. So I was just wondering how the reviews were for the edelbrock short shifter and knob. I searched google and...
  5. D16z6 CA smog

    General Tech
    Hi all, I have a d16z6 in my 93 dx hatch and I need to smog it. It has a skunk2 manifold on it now, I know that will not pass. But I have a stock manifold ready to put back on for the test. My concern is will the dx model pass the test with a d16z6 motor??? It's running vtec too so will...
  6. D16Y8 Aftermarket Company lists.

    Engine Building
    1996 D16Y8, 4dr. Skunk2 performance intake manifold, Pacesetter header (budget) Very new to the aftermarket scene. I am a mechanic by hobby. Any and all help is appreciated!
  7. f/s D series Skunk2 manifold ~ $180 shipped

    For Sale
    f/s D series Skunk2 manifold ~ $180 shipped / Comptech 2.5" Exhaust $200 Forget it keeping it!
  8. Camber kit, traction bar, throttle body

    For Sale
    I have a few parts im trying to get rid of. SOLD=skunk 2 eg/dc front camber kit (new) $150= SOLD skunk 2 ek front camber kit (new) $150 eg traction bar (new) $180 obo SOLD=blox 76mm throttle body (new) $200 obo=SOLD i also have 2 row aluminum radiator with a jvt racing slim fan (new) $125 all...
  9. What you guys think about this setup?

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    d16z6 pm6 pistons ported head milled 0.02" zex 59300 cam skunk2 intake with 60 mm thb 9.4 lbs flywheel cai jcb 4-2-1 headers 2,25" catback no cat Xtd stage 1 clutch 1,3 dxi gearbox ( got 4,4 FD ) street tuned p28 with crome give me some feedback
  10. New manifold questions

    General Tech
    i recently bought a skunk2 intake manifold, and i had problems with it. is there anything i have to do with the manifold? do i have to turn my fuel pressure up or get it tuned, or port match with my throttle body? or should it just bolt up without me having to do anything?
  11. Best camber kits (JDM, Hardrace, skunk2, obx?)

    Suspension Corner
    Along with the purchase of my new adjustable shocks and springs comes the necessity to buy front and rear camber kits. Through my research I've easily seen these range from $50-300 (jdm - skunk2). Buying this new suspension has quickly diminished my funds and I really don't want to spend any...