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  1. Long Or Short Air Intake?

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello. I have question.. i have right now this long air intake on my civic Arospeed Cold Front Air Intake System - 155007 by Arospeed but i dont know if its bad or good. i have a short one KN. to changed.. any recomendations?
  2. Shorter shifts?

    Transmission alley
    So my friend has a type r integer motor in his car with a gar transmission. His gear shifts are so straightforward, smooth, short, and precise. I have a d16y8 and of course they don't compare. I was just wondering what are the best short shifters out there. He told me to get a skunk2 short...
  3. Edelbrock short shifter

    General Tech
    Has anyone ever used this? I have heard wonderful things about the skunk2 short shifter and weighted shift knob, however I just have a hard time spending $170 on a shifter/knob combo. So I was just wondering how the reviews were for the edelbrock short shifter and knob. I searched google and...
  4. ignition switch???

    so i installed a generic turbo timer the other day, (i know bad idea) well it kept shorting out and starting the timer over when the countdown hit 0. well i think it shorted out my ignition switch maybe because my windows, sunroof and wipers dont work now. everything else works in the car. any...
  5. Did i just ruin all hope?

    well i had aftermarket reverse glow gauges that came with my car, and ever since i bought it they would flicker. they kept randomly going out and then back on, as if a ground was bad, and it did this for about two months to me, and im not sure how long to the previous owner, but he warned me...
  6. FS: zc 4th gear

    For Sale
    got this from bense on h-t. 1.033 oem gear made to fit hydro transmissions. check it out...