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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    Hello. I have question.. i have right now this long air intake on my civic Arospeed Cold Front Air Intake System - 155007 by Arospeed but i dont know if its bad or good. i have a short one KN. to changed.. any recomendations?
  2. Transmission alley
    So my friend has a type r integer motor in his car with a gar transmission. His gear shifts are so straightforward, smooth, short, and precise. I have a d16y8 and of course they don't compare. I was just wondering what are the best short shifters out there. He told me to get a skunk2 short...
  3. General Tech
    Has anyone ever used this? I have heard wonderful things about the skunk2 short shifter and weighted shift knob, however I just have a hard time spending $170 on a shifter/knob combo. So I was just wondering how the reviews were for the edelbrock short shifter and knob. I searched google and...
  4. Audio/Electronics
    so i installed a generic turbo timer the other day, (i know bad idea) well it kept shorting out and starting the timer over when the countdown hit 0. well i think it shorted out my ignition switch maybe because my windows, sunroof and wipers dont work now. everything else works in the car. any...
  5. Audio/Electronics
    well i had aftermarket reverse glow gauges that came with my car, and ever since i bought it they would flicker. they kept randomly going out and then back on, as if a ground was bad, and it did this for about two months to me, and im not sure how long to the previous owner, but he warned me...
  6. For Sale
    got this from bense on h-t. 1.033 oem gear made to fit hydro transmissions. check it out...
1-6 of 6 Results