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  1. Transmission alley
    The shifter/trans support linkage on ny stock EJ6 keeps snapping right at the mount pin and im trying to find a stronger linkage than what i have but all i see is b-series stuff. Does anyone know where to get one? The one i have is an OEM linkage i bought directly from honda, with Energy...
  2. Transmission alley
    Does anyone know where I can find/order the metal bracket that sits right on this bushing? The one on my EK completely rusted and basically disintegrated. #17 in the diagram. Thanks in advance!
  3. DIY Forum
    Hello everyone on DSO and guests. For the longest time, I've had quite a bit of slop in my shifter. About a 3 inch range of side to side motion when in any gear. This made my 1-2 shift TERRIBLE and made it feel like gear lockout when revving out the car. For $14.99 a friend and I have solved...
  4. General Tech
    i have one going into my EG, its an Integra dual bend, and energy suspension bushings on the linkage. I'm wondering if anyone has used this shifter. i want to know PERSONAL EXPERIENCE from it, anyone who has used one, or owned one, id like to know how it is compared to the stock civic shifter...
  5. Showcase
    I love the color. I'm not sure what it is, because the cap looks black! The hex section was something I scrounged up to check the operability of a lathe that is probably older than most of the folks on the forum. I purposefully made one end small enough on the taper to slip fit into the...
  6. General Tech
    Has anyone ever used this? I have heard wonderful things about the skunk2 short shifter and weighted shift knob, however I just have a hard time spending $170 on a shifter/knob combo. So I was just wondering how the reviews were for the edelbrock short shifter and knob. I searched google and...
  7. Transmission alley
    I'm thinking about installing a dual bend shifter into my 94 hatch (d16z6) w/ y8 trans. I was just wanting to see if any of you have used or currently have a dual bend integra shifter in your civic. It seems like it would be a bit better but I wanted some input before I go out and buy one. I...
1-7 of 7 Results