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  1. d16z6 rebuild problem

    Engine Building
    So I recently rebuilt my z6 in my eg. I reamed and honed cylinders. New piston rings rod bearing and main bearings. One rod was bent so I replaced it. Also valves were bent so I replaced them and seated them. Polished the crank. Ive got all new seals and replaced the clutch set. Everything is...
  2. fixed surging at idle, now it surges when I throttle up?!?!?

    General Tech
    So my car had a surging issue. It would surge at idle, i took off my IACV and FIAV and cleaned them, along with cleaning my intake and Throttle body. after the first cleaning the problem was still there. I went through them all again. Now my idle is perfect. But when i step on the gas just...
  3. New to Honda, code 41 and HO2 sensor

    Engine Management
    Hi All, I'm new to the Honda world. I recently bought a 97 Civic EX 4dr/Auto/1.6 as a daily driver and have been pretty happy with my first Honda so far. My CEL came on a few weeks ago and using the jumper wire I determined it was a 41 primary O2 sensor heater fault. Incidentally when I tried to...
  4. need help with oil sending line location

    New Member Introductions
    putting everything on my new d16 motor and im trying to figure out what to do with the oil sending line.. on my old block the line was bolted in where the sensor should be and beside it theres another senser (i found pictures on the net saying thats where a coolant plug should be?) im wondering...
  5. d15b sensor next to lower rad hose

    General Tech
    this a d15b vtec that is in a 89 crx. there is a sensor on the back by the lower rad hose it has a green wire and a black wire.. what is this sensor.. i cant find any plug on the stock wireing harness with solid green and solid black wires.. let me know if u need a picture. Thanks...
  6. Overheating? No but my temp sensor thinks so.

    Engine Management
    okay this has been an ongoing problem for a while now. ive checked everything. (literally) replaced the temp sensor, the coolant temp sensor, the fan switch, the thermostat, flushed the radiatior, and everything runs well. however, my temp gauge on my dash tells a different story, at idle it...
  7. Noob Here With A Question

    New Member Introductions
    Hello im new here my name is alex im from the midwest. i currently own a 2000 honda accord se with a 2.3L ULEV engine. the car is completely stock. parents made me buy it, but im proud to be driving a honda. --on the side note i had a potentionally nooby question. since i have the ulev engine...