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  1. Best Exhaust for D16Y7 Auto

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys quick question, I was planning on changing exhaust pipe with some honda oem pipe from ebay and attach a 2.5 Vibrant Muffler on to that. My pipe is rusted and the muffler at the moment is killing me with its rattle , and I've recently "tuned" my car up so on to the list of my final...
  2. Performance/Idle Issue

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone names Kevin I got a quick question, I own a 98 Honda Civic LX D16Y7 Auto. Every 10 seconds ,car is warmed up, it starts jerking while both idle and driving, It gets irritating like someone is jumping on the bed while your laying down. I'm also having low idle problems, car starts...
  3. Sway bar kit on '94 DX sedan

    Suspension Corner
    Hi all, I was looking to throw a sway bar kit on my '94 civic DX sedan. The kit I am currently looking at is the Eibach 4017.321 ( link below). I have two questions. First off, when a kit like this one says it is "For Vehicles w/o Factory Front Bar," does that mean that I don't need...
  4. 2000 civic lx for sale

    For Sale
    For Sale: 2000 Honda Civic LX General: The car has almost 121,000 miles, and I am the second owner. The title is free and clear now and in my name, ready to be registered. Overall condition of the car is in good driving condition and will be great as a start for a project or as a high gas...
  5. How Do I Convert Civic Sedan Interior from tan to black

    General Tech
    I have a 1992 Honda Civic DX sedan that came from the factory with tan and grey interior and I was wondering is there any possible way to completely convert the interior to black including the climate control assembly without paint because I’ve heard that over time the paint chips and looks...
  6. d15b non vtec tranny

    Transmission alley
    hey i have a 92 civic sedan dx with a d15b non vtec 5 speed and i just wanted to know can i put a 95 civic ex coupe tranny with no problem just as easy as changing it pleasse help
  7. DIY 5th Gen 2/3 Door Bumper Conversion for Sedan

    DIY Forum
    For the last year I have searched & searched & searched& searched for the "easy" way to do this without having to chop, cut, & weld... My (and members kc8enb & ChrisFrom1986) prayers have not gone unanswered! First I have to thank & give credit to CLUTCHONE & zanthrax from JDM Chat for helping...
  8. Clutch Master Cylinder- how do i bleed?

    New Member Introductions
    hey all im daniel. i drive a 92 dx sedan, 5sp of course. i think my clutch master cylinder just decided to blow up cause there is no pressure on the clutch pedal and there is fluid leaking out from the piston part that the pedal pushes into the firewall. i have a pbr unit on the way, and i would...
  9. Eibach Rear Sway Bar

    Suspension Corner
    I bought one of these used last week for $40 and couldn't pass it up. 17mm sway bar and all the hardware, except pass. side endlink cuz the previous owner stuck the bar on a rusty as hell Si (EX coupe for Canada) ripped the subframe out and ripped one the endlink out. So his loss, my gain...
  10. f00ker's List of WTB! (Will be updated-check back often)

    Want to Buy
    UPDATED 7/1/08 f00ker's List, ED4: IMPORTANT: -90/91 Sedan Rear Bumper cover (preferred blue or black) -90/91 Sedan bumper filler piece (Metal piece between headlights and bumper cover) -90/91 Sedan Tail lights (EX preferred...cant remember if LX/DX are different, probably not) Stuff "in...