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  1. For Sale
    Because I'm going to make the step to turbo I want to sell my Hytech header. Here a some pictures when it was brand new: Unfortunatly there's a small dent in a anti-reversion header. We created 2 extra bungs. The original one is directly underneath the rear engine mount (how stupid)...
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  3. Transmission alley
    Hey first off if I'm not supposed to be asking for parts on here or anything please don't be mad I wont do it again but I really don't know the rules im still new :pinch: Anyway! I have an OBD2 d16y7 that I wanna swap to OBD1 Manual and I need parts. I have been trying to get ahold of a good...
  4. For Sale
    95 ex part out. *UPDATED PRICES* 95 ex coupe complete interior and motor+trans. interior is in great tears or stains. the only thing in the interior not for sale is the dash (broke it in several places trying to take out) but have everything else that goes in it. i.e. vents...
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    1. BMW BBS RZ (4x100, 14x6.5, 30mm offset, 2 tires are decent, 2 will need to be replaced, I suggest all tires be replaced, 1 wheel is missing a center cap. Make a REASONABLE OFFER These wheels go for $700+shipping, I'm not asking for that much but a reasonable offer will not be denied.) 2...
1-5 of 6 Results