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  1. New Member Introductions
    So, hello fellow D series brothers. I my self do not own a Honda, but plan to soon acquire a 1994 Honda Civic Dx Coupe. It has the D15B7 power plant, it belongs to a family member of mine that I've been co-arsing into letting me take it off their hands, she's pretty beat up, last time she was...
  2. For Sale
    Hondata s300 - cheap! I have a P28 ecu that has hondata S300 installed. SOLD! Thanks for your interest!
  3. Engine Management
    Anyone that needs a good tune as a base hit me up. This is what I have. JDM D15B 3.4 Pulley P28 330cc DC 4-1 Header Skunk2 70mm Exhaust w/ OEM Cat Injen CAI Boost 9-9.5 psi Full Dyno Tune with 22 pulls Made 172 HP- 135tq Fuel Tables Low High Timing Tables Low High
  4. Engine Management
    I was going to replace my GM 3-Bar map sensor with a factory style one like Hondata makes for a OEM look. I haven't upgrade from a S100 to a S300 yet, but will in the next month. I was wondering if I needed to buy a genuine Hondata map sensor, or would Speedfactory, OmniPower, etc work just...
  5. Forced Induction
    hi i have a 97 civic w/ fully built motor. i was wondering what i should buy for an ecu because i fryed mine..(thank you msd) I have to options i was looking at, a s200 hondata and the s300 hondata (i dont want chrome,gold,p28,or p72<--mine broke). with either ecu i buy will i have to get a...
  6. Engine Management
    Hello all, I'm a young car enthusiast with a Japanese project is finalized. I lives in Martinique (French overseas departments) and I have a Honda Civic D16Z6 swap EJ2 High compression. Part Management (Chip P28 Hondata S300) blocked me a little can and that is why, as a member with them...
  7. Forced Induction
    Epic Fail at the dyno today. 123whp 142wtq @ 14psi.....WTF?!?! - Update 6/27 w/ video this is a really long post, but please bear with me... i haven't spent much time over here at d-series (although i plan to start coming here more often) so a lot of you aren't familiar with me or my setup...
1-7 of 7 Results