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  1. Torque to yield bolts for Transmission to Engine

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, i’m new to this forum. I have a 94 Civic EX and i’m pulling the tranny off to replace it (bad synchros and input shaft bearing) with a rebuilt synchrotech tranny with carbon synchros. I was talking to my cousin who is a honda tech at a dealership and he said that the transmission to...
  2. Yet another help me figuring out this noise (audio)

    Transmission alley
    Lucky P20/B000 (Z6) junkyard find for my 6th gen DX (Y7) I got my hands on a P20/B000 (92-95 Si/EX) trans to put on my 6th gen DX (Y7) Just put everything back together with the new trans on and fired it up to be greeted with a horrific tapping sound coming from the clutch area. The car drives...
  3. 4th gear wont engage '95 VX hatch S20 Transmission

    Transmission alley
    Hi guys. New to the site. Helping my son get his 95 VX hatch back in shape after a horrible mechanic botched it all up trying to race it. Well-- long story short, I have replaced and fixed dozens of items and it's almost done--EXCEPT for 4th gear not engaging. When we first drove the car...
  4. S20 Transmission Build Thread

    Platform: 1994 4 Door EX Sedan | D16Z6 with S20 Transmission | 120 WHP Mustang Dyno Tuned and Crome chipped | I/H/E | (Hoping for 200WHP Turbo Someday) Goal: MFactory 3/5 And Helical LSD. (Original 3rd gear flipped and used as 4th) Since this is an expensive goal for me, I have decided to take...
  5. s20 vs K4F

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    i need some help here i have a s20 B000 tranny and a K4F B000 tranny. i want to know which one is better for me to use?
  6. S20 to S40?

    Transmission alley
    So i have a 94 civic EX coupe with D16z6 and i have a s20 but there a big grind in 3rd and 4th and the clutch is burnt so i bought a 00 Civic Ex S40 transmission and a Competition Stage 2 Clutch...The question is will it bolt right up?...Also is the S40 really from a D16Y8?