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  1. Engine Management
    Hi, I just bought a 99 Civic EX 5 speed, the car was originally an auto. I was looking for something close to stock. Well, the car actually has a Y7 motor in it with a Y8 head. The car lacks power, and it will not go beyond 5500 rpm. I just discovered that the ecu is also for a Y7. It is a...
  2. Engine Management
    Ok so last week i did a mini me swap(d15b1/y8 head 98 civic hx) ran perfectly all week then i got my vtec conversion kit for my p06 and chip so i decided to put it all in. Did it car ran amazing pulled real hard but one thing i noticed was it was alil harder to pull out(had to give it alil more...
1-2 of 2 Results