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  1. Engine Management
    Hey guys I'm am currently trying to tune my D15z7 on boost peak boost is about 9-10psi when it gets there. Maps really rich up top rite now so she stumbles to make full potential. My issue is light load stumble and break when barely on the TPS 5% or under, curious if i can rid this with the fuel...
  2. Engine Management
    Hi. I want to set up my P06 ECU in the real-time mode. To do this, I'm going to chipping it and soldered PGMFI RTP board. But I read on some forum that it will not allow to be configured online. In addition, you will need to turn off the engine, which would apply the changes. Tell me please, is...
  3. Engine Management
    Hello!! I want to chip two ecus with Real Time Programming See this --> PGMFI.ORG - Grassroots ECU Development - Library . EasyRtpV10 I have 2 ecu's: PM7 88-89 non catalic (out to mod) PM7 90-91 catalyc (in car). My car is catalyc, if i use the PM7 88-89 will work well with O2 sensor...
1-3 of 3 Results