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  1. Naturally Aspirated
    Hi dudes, i'm from brazil and i have a 94 civic ej1 exs mt d16z6. My car are have a rpm guage problem, at idle the guage shows 700-800rpm, at 60mph show 2000rpm and the cut-off are on 5900-6000 when its suppose to be 7200 rpm what can be the problem? ps: sorry my poor english
  2. Engine Management
    Is there a thread about upping the limiter, mine cut's in about 7400rpm, sohc 16z6. Not yet checked what type ecu . Mark
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    alright.. for the past few months now my 2000 civic dx with a d16y7 has been giving me the most bitch-made cold start problems ever. almost every time when I go to start my car In the morning it will kick over for about a half a second then die. I'll then have to unplug my iacv (which always...
  4. Audio/Electronics
    hey i got a d15b non vtec and i bought a shift light but didnt come with instructions can any body tel me how to connect it
  5. Audio/Electronics
    hey i wanted to know i have a 92 civic with a ex cluster and i wanted to know since i dont have cruise control i dont need the cruise control light on the cluster and i wanted to know is there a way i could use the light as a shift light or install my own shift light in that part of the cluster...
  6. General Tech
    Good Evening I hope everyones weekend is going better than mine. LOL I have a 98 D16Y7 - Bone stock in a CX hatch. Yesterday I through a CEL code p1456 - Figured it was the gas cap so I replaced it. Now I have this weird Issue where no matter what speed or gear I am in if I step on the...
1-6 of 6 Results