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  1. 95 del sol cant figure out what the wheel rattle is exactly

    Suspension Corner
    95 del sol sir someone swapped it from the b16a3 dohc to a d15b7 sohc i have a standard and a s20 long gear tranny the front rotors look 10.3in i have tone hubs for the abs yes or whatever it is and they work ive tested the abs so this car came with all abs and 4 disk brakes i have...
  2. DIY - Distributor Cap, Rotor and Seal

    DIY Forum
    Diy dizzy cap and rotor I've decided to use this post as my first full write up so please leave any comments, suggestions, insults and praise (hopefully) in a comment below. The story and symptoms of a no good distributor cap: Keeping in mind it could be a number of other things your having...
  3. Ignition question

    Forced Induction
    So I've been searching for a while now and have read mixed results and want some new present day input. Is the msd ss blaster external ignition coil and modified cap and rotor worth getting? I posted about a month ago with problems with my car not running right and it turned out to be a bad...