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  1. DIY Forum
    So I aquired a set of GT3's from a friend through a trade for stock suspension and steelies with tires. Lol so basically got the for a $100 with new tires. They were black and i painted over them with Oreilly aluminum look wheel paint. Moved to CO and the project began. Materials: Aircraft...
  2. General Tech
    I want some wheels... Believe it or not I have never purchased wheels from a store :stuart: Please inform me of your purchasing location and experience. Thanks! -Chris PS: Don't care for your wheel preference, just purchase location :tt2:
  3. Showcase
    My Coupe-NEW PIC'S its not that clean. its still has alot of work bodywork, paint, new hood. before it can be consider "clean" :p New 06/13 Newest pictures with amber corners. Older ones without ambers
1-3 of 3 Results