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rod bearings
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    looking for the best possible bottom end bearings for a d16z6 was looking for a way to go roller bearings instead of normal sleeve garbage? Been through 3 bottom ends now went through 2 in one engine and blew a hole through the side of the block and have another on just knocking and thinking...
  2. Engine Building
    Hey Everyone, I'm rebuilding a D15B7 with around 285,000 miles on it. The bottom end had never been apart. Upon dis-assembly, we found all rods had a '2' code with the crank code being C,B,B,B... with C being cylinder #1. Based on that information and the service manual's chart (as I read it)...
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    hi guys, im new to this site but i figured this would be a good place to ask my question since ive searched and searched and couldn't come up with an answer for this. ok heres the issue, i am in the process of rebuilding my d16a6 for my crx. I ordered new main and rod bearings, i installed them...
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    i need to know the color code to the jdm d15b conecting rod bearings i dont want some garbage aftermarket bearings that dont fit like the king bearings i bought so if eny one knows please tell me
1-4 of 4 Results